Are Adam & Sage Having an Affair on ‘Young and the Restless’?

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Pictured left to right, Adam and Sage, who are growing increasingly closer to one another despite other romantic commitments. (CBS Screenshot)

Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) and Sage Newman (Kelly Sullivan) have quite the history together on The Young and the Restless. After all, they were instantly married following his bogus death to assume the role of her deceased husband, Gabriel Bingham. The two got quite close to one another living a lie. Adam — who was trying to escape the guilt over Delia’s death — eventually blew his cover to reunite with wife, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan). With Sage moving back into the penthouse she once shared with Adam, the former lovebirds are seemingly on the brink of an affair; quite the change after ending their arranged marriage for the late Constance’s (Sally Kellerman) inheritance.

Sage — who’s still dealing with the emotional trauma from baby Christian’s death — is keeping her distance from husband Nick (Joshua Morrow). Nick, who’s oblivious to any chemistry Sage may still have with Adam, continues vying for her attention. However, no matter what sympathy card he tries to pull to have her move back in, she continues to stay away.

In Nick’s absence, Adam has stepped in to be Sage’s rock while she grieves. He even related to her predicament by bringing up having to rebuild his life from scratch after coming out as Gabriel. Adam and Sage had an emotion-filled moment when he told her he had faith she could do the same after losing her son.

In another instance, Adam comforted Sage with an embrace while Chelsea put Connor to bed. The holidays continue to bring Adam and his family closer together, but Sage continues to grow more dependent on Adam.

While Adam and Chelsea remain together, Adam’s concern for Sage is becoming more apparent. Chelsea hasn’t been present during certain occasions, but there have been enough for her to change her stance on the living arrangement. Although Adam was lax when Chelsea confronted him about Victor’s (Eric Braeden) stronghold on his life, he passionately came to Sage’s aid. This caught Chelsea off-guard, sarcastically bringing up that she knew her hubby was in there somewhere. Making matter worse, Adam lied to her about his intentions on not wanting to be Victor’s right-hand man and stay working at Newman Enterprises.

With the holidays fastly approaching Genoa City and The Young and the Restless cast, only time will tell if Adam and Sage will wind up in each other’s arms again. In Sage’s favor, she’s no stranger to large-scale deception and has been down that road with him before.

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