The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Billy Begs Victoria for His Family Back

The Young and the Restless returned Monday’ kicking off an all-new week of episodes. Billy (Burgess Jenkins) attempted to see Victoria (Amelia Heinle) to put his family back together while Nick (Joshua Morrow) will confide in Sharon (Sharon Case) over Sage (Kelly Sullivan) later this week.

Also, the love triangle between Ashley (Eileen Davidson), Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Stitch (Sean Carrington) begins to unfold, and Jack (Peter Bergman) becomes hell bent on taking down Victor (Eric Braeden), amongst other Y&R happenings.

Here’s what you need to know for today’s Y&R spoilers:

Billy Asks Victoria for Another Chance

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Billy Abbott continues fighting an uphill battle when it comes to making things right with Victoria and his children. (CBS)

Victoria and the kids ponder Christmas without Billy, who has been absent and troubled as of late. Victoria calls Billy, who’s sleeping. Billy shows up later and apologizes for oversleeping but he’s here. Victoria says he’s hungover and the only reason she’s seeing him is because the lawyer would overturn the agreement.
Victoria tells Billy that Abbott’s don’t trust him because of his recklessness with going after Victor. Victoria wants Billy to explain the newspaper cover showing him being arrested.

Later on, Victoria closely watches Billy as he plays with his son. Billy wants to stay and decorate stuff wants his kids. Billy puts a broken gingerbread man back together and says the family is whole again. Victoria says that fixing the family isn’t as easy as fixing a gingerbread cookie. Victoria tells Billy she can’t go down this road again of expectations not being met. Billy begs her for one more chance.

*Prior reports have indicated that Victoria will take the Abbott’s side in the Newman-Abbott trial and Burgess’s final appearance as Billy will be on January 8, 2016.*

Ashley Insists Abby & Stitch Marry on New Year’s Eve

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Abby — pictured to the left of Stitch above — faces complocations pertaining to her wedding. (CBS Screenshot)

Abby wants the Newman-Abbott lawsuits and litigation to stop. Victor says it was her mother’s family that brought this along. He thinks the spring-time is better for her and Stitch’s wedding; the lawsuit will be settled and they will have time to plan it better. Ashley says “absolutely not.” Stitch and Abby sit with Victor and Ashley. Stitch says he’ll let Abby decide everything about the wedding except his shoes.

Victor tells Abby about the Newman-Abbott lawsuit. Ashley — wanting to quickly move on from her affair with Stitch — thinks he and Abby should marry no later than New Year’s Eve. Victor finally agrees. Ashley is still visibly upset. Abby and Stitch discuss wedding arrangements with their planner. Abby says she’s freaking out because it’s only a few weeks away. Ashley reassures her it will be fine and says there’s nothing more important than her daughter’s happiness. Stitch stares at Ashley. Abby tells Stitch that she’s wondering why her mother is so insistent on them getting married New Year’s Eve. Stitch says it’s because of him.

Jack Wants Victor Exposed At All Costs

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Victor — pictured above in Monday’s Y&R episode — may have more of his checkered past exposed by a revenge-seeking Jack. (CBS Screenshot)

Michael (Christian LeBlanc) queries Jack about why he’s been easing up on Victor. Jack says he’s no longer looking to make peace; he’ll admit to all his past crimes and expose Victor for what he did at today’s press conference. Michael is shocked. Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) doesn’t want Jack to go through with any confessions. Jack tells Michael he will protect Marissa (Sofia Pernas) and everyone else. His ultimate goal is to expose Victor.

Jack argues with Phyllis that he can make Victor pay for what he put him and her through. Phyllis says Jack will embarrass her in the process. Jack disagrees, saying it will elicit compassion. Phyllis says Jack will be doing it alone then. Jack says he is sorry she feels that way, which brings her to tears. Victor tells Ashley that Jack started the war. Michael defends Jack, telling Phyllis that Victor can’t get away with what he’s done. Phyllis is upset, but Jack says it didn’t stop her from doing what she did with Billy. Jack says no one will stop him. Phyllis continues pleading with Jack, saying it makes her sick thinking she lived with a stranger (Victor) for so long, but she doesn’t seek revenge at the cost of Jack’s freedom. Jack says they’d have to extradite him first. He thinks it’s worth it if gets the proper justice them both.

Later on, Ashley insists Jack doesn’t go through with press conference, saying she won’t let him. Phyllis shows up. Ashley tells Jack that if the people he loves don’t agree with his move then maybe he should listen to them. Victor appears prior to the start of the press conference in wonder.

Marissa Sides With Luca Over Noah

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Marissa –pictured above to the left of Luca — begins siding with her ex, Luca after learning about Noah’s intentions for Luca.
(CBS Screenshot)

While Noah’s getting flak from Mariah (Camryn Grimes) about Marissa (Sofia Pernas), the latter abruptly shows. Luca (Miles Gaston Villanueva) appears a short while later. Marissa wants the past to be in the past now that she located Ava. Marissa says Luca had an immigration problem and someone called the FBI on him. Marissa thinks it was Victor. Marissa informs Noah (Robert Adamson) about her decision to leave Ava with her adoptive family in Spain. Noah is disappointed and blames Luca; Marissa saying he cares about Ava. She says Luca has been paying for Ava’s schooling. Luca leaves to resolve his immigration matter. Marissa reiterates to Noah that she and Luca thought it was best for Ava to stay with her adopted family. Marissa says Luca convinced Carmen to send photos and updates. Noah still doesn’t buy Luca’s motives, saying he’s jerked Marissa around for months. She blames herself for initially not telling him he had a child. After more doubt from Noah, Marissa says she’s not naive and walks off. As Noah balks at Mariah for pointing out he called the FBI, Victor appears overhearing it.

Later, Luca tells Victor he doesn’t believe he caused the trouble but thinks Noah did and needs to be taught a lesson. Victor agrees and asked Noah why he called the FBI. Victor says he loves Noah but the Santoris have invested in Newman Enterprises and he jeopardized that. Victor says he was acting irresponsible over his obsession with Marissa. Victor exits. Mariah tells Noah that Victor is right; as much as she hates to admit it.

Luca tells Marissa that transparency is key to resolving his issues with the FBI. Luca tells her it makes sense it was Noah who reported him. Initially, Marissa doesn’t believe it, but Luca eventually convinces her. Marissa adds that Noah also jeopardized Ava’s well being by reporting Luca. She is shocked that Noah would go to such lengths to hurt Luca. Luca says he still hopes she can work it out with Noah. She says she may move next door to Luca. He says he will be there for her. Mariah says Noah can’t trust Marissa and thinks he needs to move on. Mariah feels Marissa is using him; he’s just one rich guy in a long line of them. Noah is offended and wants to know who is she to judge him given her relationship track record.

Later This Week: Nick Seeks Advice About Sage

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Nick and Sage — pictured above at Sully’s christening — have seen better times together. (CBS Screenshot)

After spending a significant amount of time trying to convince Sage (Kelly Sullivan) to move back in with him, Nick appears to be reconsidering his intentions. Nick poured his heart out to Sage last week, only for her to inform him she’s relocating elsewhere.

Christian Post reported that the upcoming episodes will “tell the audience more about Nick and Sage.” Sage — with baby Christian’s death on her mind — has kept her distance from Nick due to memory associating with the tragedy. This week, Nick will confide in ex Sharon over what his next move should be. Sage recently announced to Adam (Justin Hartley) and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) that she’s moving next door, further distancing herself from Nick.

The Young and the Restless
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