Nick Buonfiglio, Amanda Stanton’s Ex-Husband on ‘The Bachelor’

Nick Buonfiglio

Nick Buonfiglio is the ex-husband of Bachelor 2016 contestant Amanda Stanton and father to her two daughters. And, according to Stanton, the couple went through a traumatic divorce. Stanton reveals that she was very unhappy in her marriage, that she gave her ex many chances, and that he just blew it. She said he was cheating on her and just always wanted to spend time going out with his friends. Nick has tons of photos of his two little girls who he calls Kins and Charlie. He graduated from California State University and currently works at Orange County Register. Nick is 28-years-old and he lives in San Clemente, California, but he is from Prospect, Kentucky, according to OkHereIsTheSituation. It appears the two split up in 2014 and a source insists there is absolutely nothing left between them, stating that: There is no unfinished business between the two of them. She is an amazing mom to their two young children but her relationship with Nick is nothing more than he is the father of their two children. I feel it is irresponsible to assume and write that they will get back together after the show. Amanda has moved on and that is why she is on The Bachelor. Her past relationship is a closed book. Click through our gallery of Nick's best Facebook photos to see more of him with his friends and family.