‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Spoilers: Adam Fails at Blackmailing Luca

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The Young and the Restless returned on Wednesday with an all-new episode as Billy (Jason Thompson) recalled more details of the accident while Adam (Justin Hartley) threatened Luca (Miles Gaston Villanueva).

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Read on for Y&R’s Wednesday, February 3, 2016 recap.

Billy Recalled More Details About The SUV That Hit Him

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Noah — pictured in Wednesday’s Y&R episode — becomes increasingly nervous when Billy questions his whereabouts at the time of his assault. (CBS Screenshot)

Finally out of the hospital, Billy continues adjusting to being back in the real world. While he hasn’t exactly put himself in a stress-free environment — working with Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) to take down Victor (Eric Braeden) — he’s still trying to piece together the details of his assault in the Newman Enterprises parking lot. Although he was badly beaten by his bookie’s henchmen over owed monies, Noah (Robert Adamson) accidentally backed over him while leaving his parking spot.

In Wednesday’s episode, Billy tells Victoria (Amelia Heinle) that it doesn’t matter where he is as long as it’s with her. She wants to go shopping. Billy says that he has a thing, and it’s that he can’t go shopping. She tells him that she’s been busy overseeing Victor’s cyber project.

Noah — still feeling guilt over what he’s done — comes face-to-face with Billy.

Noah tells Billy’s that it’s great to here that he’s back at Jabot. Billy remembers more details of the car that hit him when he flashes back the accident. Noah apologizes for his prior ordeal.

“I’m so sorry about what happened to you.”

Billy — seemingly caught off guard by Noah’s polite gesture, queries him on that very information.

“You were there?”

Later, Billy tells Noah that he remembers him being at the hospital. Shortly after, Victoria tells Noah that he seems a little tense. Noah says that it’s because of Victor and him thinking he can do whatever he wants. Victoria tells Noah that he shouldn’t go down the same path Billy went down. Herself and Billy have learned from that and so should he.

Noah continues bashing Victor to Victoria, saying that he’s caused so much pain for the Abbotts. Victoria says that he can’t pin all of it on Victor and that his grandfather cares about his kids and grandchildren.

Later, Victoria asks Billy if he thinks Noah seems off. Billy zones out to the night of the accident again.

Adam Threatens to Expose Luca to His Father

the young and the restless cast, the young and the restless actors, adam newman photos

Adam — pictured in Wednesday’s Y&R episode — pretends that he’s worried that Luca’s recent actions will expose him. (CBS Screenshot)

Adam has been working as a double agent for Victor, who has the power of blackmail over him. Victor is aware that baby Sully is really Christian, who Sage (Kelly Sullivan) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) thought has passed.

Luca continues to believe that himself and Adam have the common goal of dethroning their fathers. However, Adam’s stayed loyal to Victor.

On Wednesday’s episode, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) sees Adam’s text wishing him luck from Victor. Chelsea sarcastically says, “so today’s the day” he takes down Luca for Victor. She’s not thrilled about it.

Adam explains to Chelsea that his plan to dupe Luca is his only way to rid Newman Enterprises of the Santoris. She says she has a bad feeling about it; just like the business trip he got kidnapped on. Chelsea’s wondering if Adam’s desire to prove something to his father is taking him over again. He assures her that he’s safe and to trust him.

Meanwhile, Marisa warns Luca not to trust trust the Newmans. Luca agrees that he shouldn’t trust the Newman, but says that him and Adam have the common goal of wanting to get out from under their fathers’ thumbs. This concerns Marisa.

Later, Adam plays along with Luca some more.

“How do you think he’s going to respond when he finds out that this isn’t just something that we found out. You’re the one that ratted him out.”

Marisa tells Chelsea that if Luca is about to be double-crossed by Adam, she needs to know.

“I need to know where Adam is springing the trap on Luca. I need to stop this before all hell breaks lose.”

Chelsea tells her that she needs be honest with herself; the real person she’s in love with is Noah and it’s not a bad thing if Luca gets taken down.

Inside Victor’s office, Luca hands over paperwork on his father’s illegal businesses to a bogus FBI. He makes them promise to keep Marisa out of any potential trouble.

Meanwhile, Chelsea accuses Marisa of being tied to Luca for something other than love. She says it’s Marisa’s chance to break free of Luca and make things work with Noah. Marisa still insists on making sure Luca is safe.

Later, Marisa warns Adam not to take down Luca. Adam assures her that she’ll be safe. She is more concerned about Luca’s well-being.

Adam tells Luca that if he don’t leave town, the real FBI will get the info and send his father to prison; leading to trouble for him. Luca says that if that happens then he’ll make sure Noah goes to jail for the hit-and-run he was involved in. This shocks Adam.

An Orderly Slowed Down Nick & Sage’s Progress Exposing Dr. Anderson

The Young and the Restless Cast, The Young and the Restless Actors, Sage Newman Photos, Kelly Sullivan Photos

Sage continues searching for information on Dr. Anderson at all costs. (CBS Screenshot)

Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) tells Sharon (Sharon Case) she’d rather live with her and Sully instead of Nick and Sage. Sharon tells Faith that her father’s situation won’t always be this way. Faith begs Sharon to stay with her and Dylan.

Meanwhile, Dr. A tells Nick that she knows he means well and that he’s a genuinely good man. She kisses him. Nick says he loves his wife and should’ve never have let it get this far. Dr. A says it’s okay and it’s not his fault. Sage’s call to Nick doesn’t go through, so she leaves a message saying that she found something on Dr. A, but is interrupted by the orderly assigned to watch over here. He who hangs up the phone on Sage. Dr. A apologizes to Nick for overstepping her boundaries. It’s just that she wanted to take his pain away, even if it was for a moment.

Sage asks the orderly to use the phone again. He tells her that she lost her privileges. He says she left him no choice and injects her with a sedative. Later, he informs Dr. A about Sage’s phone call.

Nick’s upset to hear from Sharon that Faith doesn’t want to live with him. Nick blames Sharon for going into detail about Sage as the reason. Sharon says that Sage is “in good hands” with Dr. A; she’s living proof. Faith appears, saying she doesn’t want to make her father sad. Nick says it’s okay that she move back with her mother and Dylan (Steve Burton).

Dr. A tells Sage that she heard she attacked an orderly. Sage is out of it because of the sedation. Meanwhile, Nick hears Sage’s voicemail where she was cut off by the orderly after starting to explain that she found something out about Dr. A.

Later, Sharon calls Dylan to tell him that they’ll have a family of four again with Faith coming home.

Nick shows up at the hospital. He is met by Dr. A. Nick tells her that he took what she had to say about his wife into consideration. He tells her that he needs to start coming to terms about what’s become of his wife.

Sage tells Nick that she found some old books in Dr. A’s office on how to deal with trauma and paralysis. They wonder why she has those books.

Dr. A tells the orderly to file a report on Sage; she seems to be getting more out of hand.

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