‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Spoilers: Nick Tells Sharon About Dr. A’s Kiss

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The Young and the Restless returned on Friday with an all-new episode as Nick (Joshua Morrow) made the decision to tell Sharon (Sharon Case) about what’s really been transpiring with Dr. Anderson (Elizabeth Bogush) while Noah (Robert Adamson) joined forces with his enemy, Luca (Miles Gaston Villanueva).

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Sharon Has Remained Loyal to Dr. Anderson

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Sharon — pictured above in Friday’s Y&R episode — will have her loyalty to Dr. Anderson tested when Nick reveals what she did. (CBS Screenshot)

Sharon continues to be Dr. A’s biggest fan — for her therapy and friendship — despite the obvious trouble she’s stirred up for Nick and Sage (Kelly Sullivan). A one-time patient at Fairview, Sharon thinks she knows more than a thing or two about Dr. A’s intentions.

What she doesn’t realize is that the doctor has a controversial history with her ex-husband. Dr. A — first name Sandy — was involved in a Newman Ranch diving incident that led to an inability to have children. Making matters worse, she lost the baby she was pregnant with to a then teenaged Nick. Nick still remains unaware of who she really is while Sage continues trying to dig up info that lets them further in on her past.

Nick Told Sharon About Dr. Anderson’s Kiss

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Nick — pictured above in Tuesday’s Y&R episode — is shocked to hear that Sharon spoke about Sage to Faith. (CBS Screenshot)

On Friday’s episode, Nick wants to know if Dr. Anderson has always had such a positive influence on her. Sharon says that there’s only been a few times that she hasn’t, but she thinks that Nick’s being hostile. Nick says he can’t keep her in the dark any longer. He tells Sharon about his plan to learn more about Dr. A. He explains there’s something from his past that Dr. A wants in on, but cannot figure it out yet. Nick tells her that Dr. A kissed him; Sharon’s shocked. He acknowledges that he’s taking a risk by telling her, but he needs her to trust him.

Dr. A tells Sage (Kelly Sullivan) the orderly who sedated her responded accordingly to Fairview’s procedure. Sage tells Dr. A that her reason for calling Nick was because she doesn’t want to lose him. Dr. A wants to truth. Sage then says that she really wanted Nick to ask Sharon if she could spend more time with Sully. Dr. A says it just proves how fixated she is on the baby. She says it will be impossible for her to lead a happy and fulfilling life if she doesn’t mourn Christian.

Paul finds Patty (Lilibet Stern) inside his office. He cleans her up. She tells him about how sweet Ian Ward (Ray Wise) used to be with her. Paul informs her that Ian’s in prison. Patty wants to stay with Paul, who says he can’t let her. Paul asks about what happened between her and Phyllis and details on the Newman fire. Patty gets angry at the thought of Phyllis, but says that Jack (Peter Bergman) is lovely. She then talks about how Dylan (Steve Burton) couldn’t trust Dr. Anderson. Patty then freaks out, saying Dr. A is insane. An police officer informs Paul that the van from Fairview is now waiting to take Patty back there. She freaks out further, but he comes her down and she goes.

At Fairview, Dr. A says that she’s glad to see Patty. Patty calls her a liar. Paul tries to calm her, saying he can visit her daily as long as she stays at Fairview. Paul informs Dr. A that Patty had some interesting things to say about her. Dr. A gets an attitude and asks if there’s a problem. Paul says there is. She says that she can assure him that Patty won’t escape again because nothing is more important to her than her patients.

Sage is shocked to hear from Nick that he spilled the beans to Sharon about Dr. A. He thinks that if they can sway Sharon’s opinion about her, than they can convince everyone else about who she really is.

Sharon calls Dr. A to tell her that she needs to come to her place; it’s important. Sharon tells Dr. A that Nick told her some stuff that’s worrying her. Meanwhile, Nick tells Sage to avoid being around Dr. A; she’s dangerous. Patty overhears them.

Will Sharon finally come to grips with the truth about her supposed friend, or will she continue staying loyal to the manipulative doctor?

Noah Joined Forces With the Enemy to Take Down Victor

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Noah tells Marisa (Sofia Pernas) that he won’t go after Luca for his blackmail, but will instead confess to his hit-and-run on Billy (Jason Thompson). Marisa then insists she’s done with Luca. Noah – in a moment of anger — says he wasted his time ever meeting Marisa in the first place. This makes her sad; she tells him to not say that. He wants her to excuse him as he has a confession to go make.

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) calls Adam. He doesn’t answer. At Newman Enterprises, Luca tells Adam that things will go smoothly as long as Adam listens to him. Luca says that he can’t wait to see the look on Victor’s face when he realizes the power has shifted. Adam says he can’t wait to see the look on his father’s face when he finds out about what Luca wants to do to Noah. Adam tells Luca that it looks like his plan blew up in his face. Luca says that Noah can’t confess. Adam says that it can’t go down like this. He’s going to stop Noah before Noah ruins his own life.

Later, Marisa calls Adam to inform him that Noah’s looking to confess to the accident.

Adam sees Noah at the police station, telling him that he’s trying to protect him. Adam warns that this will devastate his mother and he surely wouldn’t want to rot in prison.

Chelsea wants Marisa to tell her what she knows about what Luca has on Adam. Chelsea thinks “this whole thing” is about Noah. Chelsea wants to know what’s going on with Noah. Marisa says she can’t say and to instead ask Adam.

Later, Noah picks Kevin’s (Greg Rikaart) brain on how he gets over the guilt of doing something bad. Kevin says he does by doing a selfless act. Noah tells Adam that he doesn’t understand why he lets Victor use him as a pawn in his game. Adam says that unfortunately, it’s the way things are if you’re a Newman.

Noah tells Luca that he’ll go along with his blackmail scheme so they can take down his grandfather together. Marisa is shocked and angry to hear this. She says she don’t give a damn about Luca but only wanted to protect Noah. He’s reaction-less to this. Luca asks if Noah still wants in or not. He says yes.

Chelsea tells Adam that she’s taking Connor (Michael and Nolan Webb) and moving out. He’s surprised and don’t want her to leave. She tells Adam that she isn’t bluffing and insists again on hearing what’s really going on between Victor, himself and Luca.

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