Bianca Ghezzi: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Johnny Manziel is set to appear in front of a grand jury after being accused of assaulting ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley on January 30 in Dallas. Lately, he’s been kicking back in Miami as multiple videos indicate; one of them was posted by Bianca Ghezzi — his latest alleged conquest.

The Instagram model claims to have gotten intimate and spent the weekend with the troubled QB, who’s no stranger to female company. Furthermore, Ghezzi is also an advocate of Manziel’s South Beach getaway.

Here’s what you need to know about:

1. Ghezzi & Some Friends Stayed Overnight at Manziel’s Waterfront Villa

When Manziel first arrived in Miami Beach, he reportedly checked into a five-star hotel, according to Daily Mail. Ghezzi — appearing to have already known Manziel — told Daily Mail that he contacted her the morning of his trip.

“He texted me at 6am and was like, ‘I’m coming to Miami.’ He’s been here for over a week and leaves Wednesday. There was a good amount of people that would come and visit the villa while I was there. It is a large residence with a pool. Me and a couple of my friends stayed overnight.”

Ghezzi told Daily Mail that various women approached Manziel’s tables at the Miami clubs he frequented and followed him to his hotel to take pictures.

“People were finding out where he was staying and they were following him and taking photos.” Due to the excessive attention, Manziel switched hotels every few nights prior to checking into a five-bedroom waterfront villa — called The Jungle — in San Marcos. The luxury dwelling — which Ghezzi and her girlfriends stayed at — cost $4,100 a night. It also comes equipped with a poolside fire pit, hot tub and roof deck, amongst other luxury amenities.

2. She Posted a Video of Manziel in Bed & Allegedly Got Intimate With Him

On March 3, Ghezzi told Daily Mail that she “was intimate with the star while he is in Miami.” The voluptuous model explained what transpired in the Instagram video she posted (shown above).

The footage starts out with Ghezzi — sporting ample cleavage — smiling at the camera. It then cut to her sitting near Manziel — revealing his distinctive tattoos — while sporting his white wristband. Ghezzi explained to Daily Mail what transpired in the video.

“I wasn’t straddling him, I was sitting next to him on a bed and he gave me his wrist band,” she said.

Despite Manziel’s Miami antics and track record, Ghezzi told Daily Mail that she don’t believe that he’s been irresponsible.

“There’s no recklessness about it, he’s doing what any average guy his age would be doing and his friends are doing their best to be supportive.”

3. She Says Manziel Came to Miami to Keep His Mind Off His Upcoming Court Appearance

Last week, the Dallas Police Department released a statement asking “the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office to present a misdemeanor domestic violence case to the local grand jury. Manziel could face up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine, reported the site.

While Bhezzi was quick to support Manziel with some R&R, she also admitted to Daily Mail that he didn’t mention anything about his circumstances with Crowley.

“I’m sure he doesn’t feel great about the situation, but he’s not going to vocalize that to me. He’s in Miami to have fun, but having had conversations with his friends I can tell he’s going through a tough time. He’s such a sweetheart, he’s a reserved guy. He doesn’t talk often, he’s really quiet.”

4. She Says Manziel Hasn’t Brought Up Crowley & Is ‘Trying to Stay Positive’

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Ghezzi — who partied with Manziel at Downtown Miami hotspot E11EVEN and other social gatherings — told the Daily Mail that he wasn’t misbehaving or overindulging in anything.

“For the situation that’s going on you’d think he would be taking it a lot harder but I think he’s trying to stay positive with everything that’s going on. I don’t think he’s want to bring Colleen up with me.”

While the model acknowledged that it isn’t unordinary for partygoers to get wild, she told Daily Mail that Manziel remained responsible and drug free.

“It’s Miami and things get a little out of control down here and he’s able to keep himself together, he’s not completely wasted all the time, he’s not taking drugs.”

5. She’s Reportedly a Swimwear & Fashion Model That Graduated From FSU

While there isn’t a lot of info on Ghezzi’s modeling work, she does reside in Miami and has several Instagram photos and videos of herself in scantily clad clothing. To date, Bhezzi has over 128,000 Instagram followers. According to Coed, she’s also a Florida State University graduate.

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