Robby Hayes – ‘The Bachelorette’ 2016

Robby Hayes

If you do not want to know any spoilers about the outcome of this season for The Bachelorette, STOP READING NOW. This is your warning.

Okay. Let's get down to it. Robby Hayes is a model who Bachelorette guru Reality Steve reports actually had a girlfriend when he started getting involved with The Bachelorette show. According to Steve, Hayes was dating girlfriend Hope for about four years, they had some issues, he disappeared and then she found out he was filming The Bachelorette. Recently, the villain of The Bachelorette, Chad Johnson, posted photos of himself kissing and showing a ton of PDA with Hope Higginbotham, who just happens to be Hayes' ex-girlfriend. Yikes. In addition, along with several other contestants, Johnson purchased their domain names so that their websites are instantly directed to Johnson's own Instagram profile. Don't believe us? Check out For more information on Robby, his ex-girlfriend and who the reported winner of "The Bachelorette" is this season, click through our gallery of his best Instagram pics. (Instagram/RobertHunter89)