‘Mr. Robot’: Where Is Tyrell’s Phone?

tyrell wellick phone location clues

Where is Tyrell Wellick’s phone on Mr. Robot? (USA Network)

Elliot is a master hacker and even he couldn’t ignore Joanna’s plea to find her husband. He uncovered a lot of clues in Season 2 Episode 10, and we’re going to unpack them in this post. This article will contain spoilers through Episode 10, so only read on after you’ve watched the episode.

Here’s what you need to know.

With Elliot’s master sleuthing skills, he found the coordinates for the phone that’s been calling Joanna. She’s convinced the calls are coming from Tyrell, even though no one ever speaks on the other end of the line. But she’s also getting gifts that seem to confirm her suspicions. Elliot doesn’t believe it though. So where did those coordinates for the phone that’s been calling Joanna lead to?

The address listed on Elliot’s computer was 92 E. 82nd St., New York, NYC, 10028. (The exact coordinates are 40.777609, -73.959366.) If you look that up on Google Maps, it will take you to Smart PC Repair. One theory is that this is Dark Army’s front PC repair store in New York City, where WhiteRose met Elliot. But wouldn’t Elliot have recognized that address?

Mr. Robot told Elliot that “they” shot and killed Tyrell. So Elliot’s convinced it can’t be Tyrell who’s calling Joanna. And Joanna’s bodyguard seemed to confirm it when he told Elliot that there was no way Tyrell would be at the address where the phone’s signal is originating.

So what could that cryptic statement mean? A top fan theory is that the coordinates belong to Scott Knowles, the CTO of E Corp who got the job Tyrell wanted. He’s also the man whose wife Tyrell killed. It’s possible that Scott is getting back at Tyrell by harassing his wife. Or, if Tyrell isn’t dead, he might be holding Tyrell hostage.

But why would Mr. Robot have lied to Elliot about Tyrell’s death? Mr. Robot’s primary motivation isn’t honesty, but protecting Elliot. We saw this when he took the pain of being beat up for Elliot on multiple occasions. So it’s possible that they didn’t really kill Tyrell, but did something much worse when Elliot was unconscious. Something that he’s trying to protect Elliot from figuring out.

What do you think they’ll find at the phone’s coordinates? Share your theories with other viewers in the comments below.

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The address for Blank’s Hard Disk Data Recovery Service was next door to a canopy for a Sushi place.The address was 11 W. 36th street. So if it was the front for the Dark Army where Elliot met with White Rose, then whoops. The Coordinates address is 960 Park Ave, New York, New York 10028-0325. This could be Scott Knowles place. They never mentioned where Scott lived but it seems possible. Still doesn’t explain the shell case the FBI found at the arcade. Someone fired that gun and there was not blood or bullet found there. What about Darlene and her boyfriend getting shot up at the diner? Yikes! I believe that Elliot needs to look at the CD he found in S01E08 that had his life he erased. I bet Stage 2 is on it.


I’d like to elaborate on the CD collection. One of the CD’s really caught my attention more than the others we’ve seen. Tool’s Aenima album is a very interesting choice to have in his fake collection, as it is heavily based on Jungian Psychology, and references his Shadow and Anima archetypes. The album may just be a nod to psychology by the writers, or it could be a clue. Just an observation.

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