‘Gold Rush’, Discovery: Meet the Season 7 Cast

Parker Schnabel

Although he's young, Parker has proved himself to be an asset in the world of gold mining. His interest in the business stems from his beloved grandfather, John Schnabel, who ran the family gold mine ever since Parker was a little kid. When he was 16, he proved that he had the ability to lead a team of miners and find serious amounts of gold. In season 4, we found out that Parker used his college fund to start his own gold mining operation, and he was able to locate an impressive 1029 oz of gold in his first season in the Klondike. This season, Parker's back at it again at Scribner, but he'll be mining without the guidance and support of his grandpa, John, who passed away in March at 96-years-old. (Facebook/ParkerSchnabel)




Can someone please explain to Todd that “God” doesn’t put the gold in the ground, that’s this thing called “Geology”, and “God” doesn’t help bring it to the surface, that’s this thing called “work”.

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