Phillip Klemenov aka Phizzurp: Cause of Death

Phillip Klemenov aka Phizzurp Dead

Phizzurp pictured on his Twitter page.

One of the most famous Call of Duty players in the world has died. According to a Twitter post from Phillip Klemenov aka Phizzurp’s girlfriend, the YouTuber and gamer was killed in a car accident. The crash happened in the early hours of October 2. He was 23 years old.

His girlfriend, Adianna Lemuss, released the above emotional video to announce his passing. She later tweeted, “I fell in love with you and I will never fall out of it.” Lemuss wrote that the couple had gone with a friend to a Dave & Buster’s restaurant on the night of the crash. She added, contrary to some Twitter chatter, that Klemenov “wasn’t drinking and driving. He never put me in a position where I was uncomfortable. It wasn’t his car so he wasn’t used to driving it.” Lemuss also said that the “police report is incorrect, Phil was drinking water, I even called him cute ’cause he was being sober that night.”

CBS Denver reports that the crash happened at around 2:30 a.m. at the 9900 block of East Florida Avenue in Aurora. A statement from the local police read, “The preliminary investigation shows a black Infinity was eastbound on Florida when it lost control and rolled several times ending up on the sidewalk to the north of East Florida Avenue. The car hit several trees and a light pole in the process. An adult male passenger was pronounced dead at the scene.”

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for Klemenov, at the time of writing it has raised $7,000. Adrianna Lemuss said on Twitter, “Phil was my first boyfriend, he told me I’ve never experienced a real heartbreak….wish I could still say that.”

Phizzurp was on the H2K gaming team. According to his official profile, “Phizzurp is the most tenured player in our CoD squad.” That profile adds that Klemenov, “always wanted to be a pro-gamer.” In a February 2016 interview, Klemenov was asked what he would be doing if he wasn’t a professional gamer. He replied, “I don’t know, like Kobe said about basketball, if he wasn’t playing he’d be bum haha. Really I have no idea though.”

Phillip Klemenov aka Phizzurp


According to his Facebook page, Klemenov was from Denver but had been living in Los Angeles.

His passing led to the hashtag “RIPPHIZZURP” becoming a national Twitter trend. Here are some of the most poignant messages:




So some useless 23 year old waste of oxygen who never did anything in his life more significant than play video games dies and everybody is all broken up about it? Do you douchebags all live in your respective parent’s basements? Do any of you have jobs? Have any of you ever had sex……..with an actual human being I mean?


You’re bashing a dead person and pretending to be hard over the internet at the same time. If he was a waste of oxygen, then you are far worse


Says the person belittling another person. You must be far better than everyone else and soo much better than them.


No she was not the driver. He was the driver and his friend was on the passenger seat. She was on the back seat.
He was changing the song on his phone since it was connected to the car, and looked up and lost control of the vehicle.


How can you fell bad for someone that irresponsible. Driving that fast through a residential area while distracted.


Its a tragedy that he lost control and might have been speeding but its not like none of us speed through a residential area

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