‘Scorpion’: Meet the Season 3 Cast

Ari Stidham as Sylvester Dodd

Sylvester Dodd is a member of Team Scorpion. He's a math and chess genius, and suffers from severe OCD. His father wanted him to play sports as a kid, but Dodd wasn't athletic, and felt he was a disappointment to his parents. At age 16, he hacked a bank and stole $2,500 and ran away. Dodd ended up on the streets alone-- luckily, he was tracked down by the bank's forensic analysts. (Getty)

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Amma Ampomah

One of THE very best TV shows EVVVVERRRRR!!!!!! Great cast, great storylines (even the Irish one was just about bearable although it was my least favourite episode) and brilliant acting. The young people around me have gained alot of science knowledge from watching. Brilliant. Keep it up.

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