‘The Time Warp’ Song & Lyrics from ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is known for it’s raunch, Tim Curry’s Dr. Frank-N-Furter character, the lips … and The Time Warp. The scene is beloved and, with the remake upon us, everyone’s going to be singing, “Let’s do the Time Warp again!” In the above video clip, the cast of the remake teaches you how to do the iconic dance, from the side steps to the pelvic thrusts.

Wikihow also has a 12-step rundown on the dance, which you can see by clicking here. The site also tells you how to “dress the part.”

Now that you’ve got that down, check out the original scene, featuring the lyrics in the below video.

If you’d like to download the song for $.99 on iTunes, you can click here. You can also purchase the song and the entire Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack via Amazon when you click here.

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