Bob & Sheree Whitfield: Are They Getting Back Together?

Bob & Sheree Whitfield: Are They Getting Back Together?

On this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield is shown getting friendly again with her ex-husband Bob. Over the years, we've seen Sheree go through major ups and downs with her ex, talking about him withholding money from her and even eviction. Previously, Sheree Whitfield said on the show that it would take a lot for her ex to be able to get into a romantic relationship with her, saying the two are just friends. However, this season on the show, it appears that Bob may have different feelings on the subject. In March 2016, Bob Whitfield revealed to Radar Online: Here’s the thing, the previous relationship was so damaged. Two adults, we wouldn’t dare to venture into a relationship, but we are exploring each other’s company, I will say. For more information on the couple's ups and downs as well as their time on Real Housewives, click through our gallery of Bob Whitfield's best Instagram pics. (Instagram/ItsBobWhitfield)