‘Gilmore Girls’ Netflix Revival: Episode 1 Recap & Spoilers – ‘Winter’

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The very first part in the new Gilmore Girls revival for Netflix began with the sounds of scenes from throughout the original series as the opening credits rolled. And then of course, Winter came, Lorelai’s favorite time of year as she always waited anxiously for the snow to fall. And there she is, waiting on the steps of the town gazebo, surrounded by snow and towns people. Soon, Rory runs up, free off of a flight back to Stars Hollow. Rory is traveling for work and has almost no time to see her mother, who she doesn’t get to see very often.

Due to a lack of time, the mother-daughter duo decide to explore the town a bit. So what’s new?

Taylor has decided the town should switch from septic to sewer. Miss Patty is thinned and grayed, but she is still teaching dance. As Rory and Lorelai begin their tour, Rory gets a phone call but she has trouble hearing the call, with little reception. Trying to find reception, Rory heads into Dosey’s market where she runs into BFF Lane, who starts talking about how her hubby is no longer with his band.

Meanwhile, on the street, Kirk runs into Lorelai and tells her about his latest business venture “Ooohber,” which is the same thing as the Uber app. Kirk is walking his pet pig and appears to still be with Lulu.

When Rory meets her mother back on the street, Lorelai utters the words, “I smell snow.” She and Rory smile as the snowflakes begin to fall and then the town troubadour plays a soft song as the two stroll through town.

Night hits and the girls head back to the Gilmore house to find Luke making dinner in the kitchen. Luke gushes over Rory, who apparently had one of her pieces published in The New Yorker, and he argues with the girls over their poor eating habits. Rory and Lorelai head into Rory’s room, which is filled with boxes from Rory’s Brooklyn apartment, which she recently moved out of. Soon, Rory’s boyfriend Paul shows up for dinner, which is unexpected because Rory forget she invited him. And, he seems very forgettable, especially when Lorelai and Luke are concerned. Rory scolds her mom and Luke for ragging on her boyfriend, though she almost seems to have the same opinion of him herself.

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While in bed, Luke is trying to use the DVR, but realizes it’s full of Lorelai’s movie picks. The two then carry on a pre-goodnight dialogue, picking at each other in true Lorelai-Luke fashion. In the middle of the night, Lorelai wakes up from having a nightmare and ventures downstairs where she finds Rory tap dancing her anxiety away in the kitchen.

The two then engage in a little gab session that turns serious when Lorelai says she’s been feeling her mortality lately. Rory asks if it’s “because of Grandpa.” Lorelai tears up and it’s clear she misses him. This is the first mention of Richard Gilmore’s passing.

In the next scene, Luke is working at the diner and he still has his “No Cell Phones” sign up, but is shown giving a customer his wifi password and login. At the diner, Taylor comes in to pester Luke about his sewer plan and then Kirk begins to brag about his new business. Soon, Paul shows up to find Lorelai and Rory at the diner. They forgot about him once again. Paul heads to the bathroom, the girls get their food to go, and they end up leaving, forgetting about him again … but Rory quickly remembers to wait for him.

Next we see Lorelai and the Dragonfly Inn listening to Michel’s complaints. Then it’s revealed that they have a brand new chef named Roy for a pop-up dinner at the inn and Lorelai does not sound thrilled about the new guy. When we meet the chef, he thanks Lorelai for having Sookie set the kitchen up so perfectly for him. Soon, Lorelai realizes that the coffee machine is missing. Because Roy moves the coffee maker, Lorelai pushes him out the door. Michel complains that, once again, they have an empty kitchen. So, why is Sookie no longer at the inn? Apparently she took a 6-month leave that has lasted a lot longer than 6 months. Michel feels that Sookie abandoned them, while Lorelai says she has found her calling on a farm.

Lorelai tries out Kirk’s new “Ooohber” and Kirk serenades her with songs of The Carpenters to start the ride. Kirk’s rundown vehicle slowly pulls into Lorelai’s parents’ driveway. When Lorelai realizes that Rory has not yet arrived, she decides to wait and enter the Gilmore home as a team. When the two enter the Gilmore mansion, they realize that Grandma Emily’s maid’s entire family is living in the house with her.

Upon venturing into the living room for drinks before dinner, Rory and Lorelai are shocked to see an unusually large portrait hanging of their grandfather. Lorelai is in disbelief that her mother would want a portrait of Richard that is so ridiculously huge. Emily finally admits she messed up the dimensions of the painting and she storms out of the room. Apparently, there was a mishap at Richard’s funeral 4 months earlier and Lorelai tells Rory about what happened in a flashback scene.

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The funeral scene has no dialogue, just tears and somber music. Emily remains by the casket after the service, after everyone has left, sad to lose her husband and partner. Friends and family then gather at the Gilmore home after the services. A cause of death is not mentioned, but, in the original series, Grandpa had suffered from heart issues over the years, so we’re going to guess his death probably was of that nature. At the house, Jason Stiles shows up to pay his respects. Lorelai does say to Jason that, “At least it was sudden. Mom didn’t have to watch him fade away.” The two share some cute dialogue, using each other’s old nicknames – Oomlatts and Digger.

Rory leaves early to catch a flight and Lorelai stays behind to keep her mother company. Lorelai, Emily and Richard’s comrades all end up sharing stories about Richard to enjoy some memories together. When it comes to be a distracted Lorelai’s turn, she fumbles and accidentally tells some unflattering stories about her father. She even talks about when her dad caught her having sex.

When everyone leaves, Lorelai cries to her mother that she’s sorry and that she didn’t mean what she said, that she was frazzled. Emily felt that what Lorelai said was pre-meditated. Lorelai cries about the pain she’s in and pleads with her mother to forgive her. Emily accuses her daughter of not caring that she lost her father and then she kicks her out of the house.

The show then switches back to “present day”, back at the Gilmore house. Kirk, who chauffeured Lorelai to the house, sits down with them for dinner. Rory reveals that she is still friends with Paris and that she is pretty much homeless. Soon, Luke shows up since Kirk’s car broke down. As the family gets into a discussion about Rory’s future, Kirk realizes that the maid’s children are playing soccer outside, so he excuses himself to join them. After dinner, Rory heads out to fly to London.

Luke and Lorelai head to the diner and are tidying up. While cleaning, Lorelai finds a recent letter from Luke’s daughter April. Lorelai then asks Luke if he ever wanted to have a kid with her and the two get into a random discussion on the topic. Lorelai and Luke then consider parenthood and having a surrogate carrying the baby. While Luke and Lorelai sit in a doctor’s office waiting to discuss having a baby, we hear an angry Paris coming from inside the office. Then Paris appears and takes the couple in to talk about surrogate possibilities. Paris says she will offer them a considerable discount. Luke is turned off and does not wish to take part in surrogacy.

Rory is next shown making business deals in London before she heads back to an apartment, rambling about her lunch. Out of nowhere, we’re surprised to see Rory’s ex Logan emerge from another room and give Rory a kiss. Could this be?! Apparently the two of them have a “hook up” agreement when they see each other every now and then. Rory is soon reminded that she needs to break up with her forgettable boyfriend Paul. When it comes to Lorelai’s knowledge about where Rory stays in London, Rory tells her she always stays with her friend “DD.”

Gilmore Girls, Gilmore Girls Netflix, Gilmore Girls Netflix Premiere, Gilmore Girls Netflix Episode 1, Gilmore Girls Winter, Gilmore Girls Premiere Spoilers, Gilmore Girls Revival Premiere Recap


In the next scene, Paris ventures to the diner to try to convince Luke to engage in the surrogacy idea. Soon, Rory heads into the diner, running into Paris, who she asks if she can crash at her place.

Taylor barges in and reveals to the customers that Luke only gives out fake Wifi passwords because he doesn’t want them using electronic devices in his diner. It looks like Luke is still Luke. Upon leaving, Taylor walks by a female troubadour, who is then chased away by the town troubadour.

Paris reveals that she and Doyle have split up and that he’s in film. Paris reveals to Rory that she will “kill him in court.” The couple apparently even has kids together. Paris and Rory then head to Lane’s house. She, her husband Zach and their sons still appear to live with band-mate Brian. The old band, including Gil get together in the living room to practice.

Gilmore Girls, Gilmore Girls Netflix, Gilmore Girls Netflix Premiere, Gilmore Girls Netflix Episode 1, Gilmore Girls Winter, Gilmore Girls Premiere Spoilers, Gilmore Girls Revival Premiere Recap


While at Lane’s Rory gets on a call with her mother and asks her to check on Grandma Emily. When Lorelai gets to Emily’s she is practically emptying her house to start anew. She wishes to de-clutter her life. Emily is found wearing jeans and a t-shirt, which is highly unusual. Her explanation is that she’s given away most of her clothes upon de-cluttering the house. Emily and Lorelai share a drink and Emily talks about losing the love of her life for 50 years. Lorelai suggests that her mom seek therapy with a psychiatrist, something that Emily decides to follow up on later.

After their little chat, Emily realizes she needs to get out of her jeans as they are pretty much beneath her.

Luke and Lorelai run into Kirk in town and he reveals that the official Uber has threatened to sue him. While at the Polar Petting Zoo in town, Emily calls Lorelai and thanks her for suggesting a psychiatrist. Emily then tricks Lorelai into going with her to therapy.

And that is where the premiere ends.

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