Debbie Reynolds’ Husbands: Photos of the Men in Her Life

Debbie Reynolds, a Hollywood icon beloved by many, passed away at the age of 84. She was married three times: to Eddie Fisher, Harry Karl, and Richard Hamlett. She didn't have quite the same colorful romantic past as her daughter, Carrie Fisher, but she stayed true and loyal to each of her husbands until their relationships became irrevocably broken. Reynolds never did find the love of her life. She later said that all of her husbands ended up leaving her for other women. "I have very poor taste in men and I married all the wrong men," she said. "I've never found the right man and never hope to at this age. I think that's too late. That boat has sailed." Click through the gallery to see more photos and stories about her exes. Here, Eddie Fisher is pictured dancing with Debbie Reynolds, then his fiancee, in 1955. (Getty)

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