‘The Great Christmas Light Fight’ 2016 Air Date: What Time & Channel Is the Show On TV?

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(ABC/Eric Liebowitz)

It’s season 4 of The Great Christmas Light Fight and the show premieres tonight with all new contestants as well as elaborately decorated houses. Get the details on what time the show airs, the official show details and more below.

PREMIERE DATE: December 5, 2016 and December 7, 2016

PREMIERE TIME: Tonight at 8 p.m. in many locations, the show will air its first two episodes. However, some areas will be watching the NFL Football: Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets program, so they will not be able to watch the show until December 7, 2016 from 1:35 – 3:35 a.m. ET/PT will air Episodes 1 and 2

Monday, December 12, 2016 from 8 – 10 p.m. ET/PT will air Episodes 3 and 4

TV CHANNEL: ABC Network – Click here to access the ABC channel finder and locate your local station.

LIVE STREAM: Click here to check out how to watch the show online tonight via live stream.

EPISODE 1 OFFICIAL ABC SYNOPSIS: Season four kicks off as four families showcase their incredible Christmas displays, including the Johanessen family’s 250,000 light home and “Santa’s Retreat” in Winter Park, Florida; the Preston family’s epic display with America’s tallest and brightest Nativity scene in Kingman, Arizona; the Piper family’s express-train ride through their multi-acre property in Wake Forest, North Carolina; and the Pugh family, whose former Navy pilot brings spirit and patriotism with their servicemen salute in Chesapeake, Virginia.

EPISODE 2 OFFICIAL ABC SYNOPSIS: The festivities continue in the second episode, featuring the Taylor family’s “Emoji celebration” with Christmas emojis and a 20-foot high “Frozen” castle in Phoenix, Arizona; the Van Gent family’s meticulous light show and giant synchronized float crafted by their house of engineers in Redding, California; the DiMartino family’s inspirational Christmas display after the tragic loss of a beloved wife on 9/11, while also raising over $190,000 for a Pediatric Cancer Unit in Staten Island, New York; and the Kloos family’s sibling duo, whose display makes them the youngest ever to compete on the show in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

EPISODE 3 OFFICIAL ABC SYNOPSIS: The Great Christmas Light Fight” features four families showcasing their incredible holiday displays, including the Field family’s epic Magic Kingdom-inspired light show in Lakeview, NY; the Hohensee family’s high-tech homemade light show in Central, LA; the Pampena family’s inspiring tribute to 9/11 in Stamford, CT; and the Messingschlager family’s tropical North pole in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

EPISODE 4 OFFICIAL ABC SYNOPSIS: The magic continues with the Shaw family’s display featuring more lights on its Christmas tree than the famed tree at Rockefeller Center in Cranbury, NJ; the Kasper-Cook family, who built their home to showcase a light show after being inspired by season one of “The Great Christmas Light Fight,” in Minnetrista, MN; the De Sario family, whose passion has helped them raise almost $150,000 for the Hospital for Sick Kids, in Toronto, Canada; and the Thompson family’s husband-wife duo with an all-handmade holiday display in Glen Allen, VA.

PRIZES: $50,000 and the Christmas Light Trophy, totaling $300,000 this season.

HOSTS: Carter Oosterhouse and Taniya Nayak.

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