‘Sleepless’: Meet the Cast of Jamie Foxx’s New Movie

Jamie Foxx as Vincent Downs

Jamie Foxx is back in theaters for Martin Luther King Jr. weekend with Sleepless, a police procedural that also stars Dermot Mulroney and Michelle Monaghan. The film centers on Foxx as Las Vegas police detective Vincnet Downs, whose clinks to the criminal underworld are exposed after he's caught swiping cocaine from a mobster. His decision puts his son's life in serious danger.

Sleepless is a remake of the 2011 French film Sleepless Night (Nuit Blanche), which was written by Frederic Bourachot and Nicholas Saada. The american remake was written by Andrea Barloff (Straight Outta Compton) and directed by Swiss director Baran bo Odar (Who Am I: No System Is Safe). Since the film was not screened for critics, it doesn't have a Rotten Tomatoes rating yet. However, the consensus seems to be that it's a by-the-numbers police thriller. "Sleepless, dumped into a January slot with no advance screenings, has the chutzpah to end in a way that suggests a sequel, but it’s hard to imagine audiences clamoring for another chapter of a story they’ll have forgotten well before making it out to the parking lot," TheWrap's Alonso Duralde wrote.

Still, fans of Jamie Foxx will want to check out the movie because it's his first film role since 2014, when he starred in Annie, Horrible Bosses 2 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Click through to see who else stars in the movie. (Getty)