‘Summer House’ Bravo Cast

"Summer House" Season 1 Cast

Summer House officially premieres tonight on Bravo, though it was featured in an hour-long cross-over episode with Vanderpump Rules last week. The official synopsis of the new series reads: Affluent New Yorkers have been fleeing to the Hamptons for generations to get the ultimate luxurious experience, but Montauk, a breezy beach town on the easternmost point of Long Island, has become the summer playground for young professionals who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. “Summer House” brings together a group of nine friends who work hard making their money and building their résumés during the week, but on the weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day, they share a summer house to let loose in a big way that speaks to their exclusive, high-end lifestyle. For years, this group of friends has summered in Montauk with a variety of people, but this year they've put together the perfect group to share a rental for an epic summer filled with drama, boozy brunches, beachfront thrills, rose parties, charity galas, bonfires, and jaw-dropping hookups. This group films all over the Hamptons this season, though a bulk of their hotspot hangouts take place in Southampton because of being rejected by various establishments. Residents have been in an uproar over the series, in a similar manner to the way reality show Jersey Shore was received by locals. Montauk’s Chamber of Commerce President Paul Monte told Page Six: We are very concerned that this show promotes a false picture of Montauk as a raucous party town, when in fact the complete opposite is true... Montauk is a unique hamlet of pristine beaches and preserved parklands, and a vacation destination for families, nature lovers, and mature adults ... Bravo falsely puts out that Summer House was filmed in a Montauk house. In fact, the house was located in Amagansett ... Furthermore, the producers were denied a permit to film on public lands anywhere in East Hampton Town, and that includes the hamlet of Montauk. For more information on the show, season spoilers and background on the cast members, click through our cast gallery. (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo)

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