‘If Loving You Is Wrong’, OWN: Meet the Season 4 Cast

Aiden Turner as Brad

Aiden Turner is an actor from Hertfordshire, England, who played rugby and studied culinary arts growing up. He developed a taste for music as a young man, and became an accomplished DJ. Turner began his modeling career in Australia before moving back to England, when he decided to focus his energy on acting. He studied at the Method Studio in London, and his credits include All My Children, NCIS: Los Angeles and Single Ladies. (Getty)



Marjprie townsend

Withput brad alex and randall there would be no show steven and new man jay is good marcy acting needs something and story to many reruns and stupied things can alex and brad be happy depressing no ones real and happy there lov bring lov back tp show for families they hav strugles but lov of a family to lives reality up and dwn but work out for family


Tyler you are doing the damn thang and Brad if you are really that kind if man you need to live right here!!!lol

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