Linda Gray Gibb – Bee Gees Member Barry Gibb’s Wife

Linda Gray Gibb

Barry Gibb is the sole remaining member of the music group the Bee Gees and tonight, CBS airs a tribute to the band, titled "STAYIN’ ALIVE: A GRAMMY SALUTE TO THE MUSIC OF THE BEE GEES". To watch the show live online as it airs, click here to check out how to use CBS All-Access. Now let's get into Barry Gibb and the woman he's been married to for many years. Linda Gray is Gibb's second wife and the two have been married since 1970. Gibb's first wife was Maureen Bates and the two were only married for four years. Gibb was only 19 years old and the time. Gray is actually a former Miss Edinburgh and she was married to Gibb on his 24th birthday. Together, they have five children. For more information on the couple, click through our gallery of their best photos together. (Photo by Chad Buchanan/Getty Images)