Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 Cast & Spoilers

"Below Deck Mediterranean" Season 2 Cast & Spoilers

Tonight is the season 2 premiere of Below Deck Mediterranean and there's a new boat and new captain, along with some familiar faces as well. The yacht is called the Sirocco and the destination focus this season is Croatia. Episode 1 this season is titled "Who's the Boss?" and the official episodes synopsis reads: The crew of the luxury yacht Sirocco sets sail in the waters off of Croatia; Hannah and Bobby are joined by seven new shipmates; Bobby looks for love; Hannah finds herself at odds with Captain Sandy, who interferes with a beach picnic. That's right; the new captain is female and she says she's been through it all, that nothing surprises her. With a new captain in the mix, some may be wondering what the season 1 captain and crew are up to today. Captain Mark Howard is still in the Mediterranean, but he's on another boat, which is owned by a large family. Cast member Jen Riservato told Bravo that she moved back to Maryland and has focused more on estate and pool management. She maintains that former cast member Bryan made her hate the boat. Julia d'Albert Pusey has left yachting to continue her fashion career, with a new collection. In addition, she launched a crowd-funding investment campaign for her business 'Myrtle & Maude', as reported by Bravo. Tiffany Copeland says she took her Captain's license course and is currently a mate on a private boat. And, as for former cast member Danny Zureikat, who was fired on season 1, he says that he's working as a freelance deckhand and engineer. In addition, he's hoping that Hollywood will come knocking some day.

The first charter this season is full of good-looking women who are into fitness and call themselves "The Tribe." They have some specific dietary needs, but that's not uncommon in yachting. One of the biggest issues on the premiere episode is a 9 p.m. curfew for the crew, who may need all night to get the boat ready for the first charter of the season. The Captain stresses getting rest, but that might be easier said than done. Two cast members who you won't see too much of this season are Bart and Mariusz, the chief engineer and first mate. They will be seen more in the background. Now let's get into some information and spoilers on the new crew in our season 2 cast gallery. Who's crushing on who and which crew members will be battling it out on the boat? (Instagram/BGCola28)