Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan Returns to ‘Criminal Minds’ Cast 2017

Previously on Criminal Minds, character Derek Morgan was tortured and the love of his life was shot. This forced Morgan to re-evaluate his career choice and leave the BAU.

Fortunately, actor Shemar Moore, who plays Morgan, is back tonight. The episode airs on CBS at 9 p.m. ET/PT and the official plot description reads:

Morgan brings the BAU new information in the case against Mr. Scratch, a serial killer and escaped convict who has been wreaking havoc on the team.

According to Moore, in an interview with TV Insider, he explained what brings his character Derek Morgan back to the BAU. He explained:

Morgan gets an eerie text that’s supposed to be from Penelope [Kirsten Vangsness] at the BAU, whom he still calls his “baby girl.” But he knows his baby girl so well that he can tell something’s off about it. He thinks it’s a setup and really wants to make sure the team doesn’t fall for a trap. So he comes back with info that could help take care of Mr. Scratch for good.

The sexy and single Shemar Moore returns for the season finale and Extra TV reports him saying that:

It makes me feel good to go back and see my friends. It’s the same people. The craft service was in the same place. The wardrobe was the same. The coffee was still bad.

Moore also had a comment about tonight’s finale episode, revealing:

When tonight’s episode ends, I think your mouth’s going to hit the floor.

When Moore originally exited the show, he told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview:

It’s a weird experience. I just spent 11 years with a group of people, and it’s a weird thing to walk away from — but I did it on my terms and in the right way … When we started, there were 102 cop shows … and I questioned why they needed 103, but what we found out was that Criminal Minds was a different type of show. We were the little train that could. There were so many doubters, and 11 years and 251 episodes later, I’m very proud. It’s nice to exhale now. I feel really at peace with the fact that I left it all out on the field.

Morgan also explained his departure from the show as this:

Derek Morgan isn’t walking off because Shemar is done with the show. Derek is walking away because there’s part of his life that’s missing and that he has an opportunity and he risks that every day, but he needs to be a dad and experience that and be by his wife.

Hopefully, this isn’t the only episode we will see Moore appearing on, as we would love to see him on future seasons of Criminal Minds as well. When the topic of future Derek Morgan sightings came up, Moore told TV Insider that:

This is only one episode, but it’s a big finale. I’ve already told my fans: The elevator doors close, but they can always open up again.

It sounds like there may be more Morgan to come …

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