Barbara Sinatra’s Children: Did Frank’s Wife Have Any Kids?

Barbara Sinatra kids


Barbara Sinatra passed away at her Rancho Mirage home at the age of 90. She was married to singer Frank Sinatra for almost 22 years, but the couple did not have children together. Mrs. Sinatra had one son, Bobby Oliver, from a previous marriage to Bob Oliver.

Mrs. Sinatra had been suffering from “declining health” in recent years, believed to be the result of her advanced age.

“She died comfortably surrounded by family and friends at her home,” said Children’s Center Director John Thoresen, according to the Desert Sun.

Mr. and Mrs. Sinatra wed in 1976 at Walter Annenberg’s estate. It was Frank’s fourth marriage. He has three children from previous relationships; Nancy, Tina, and Frank Jr, all with his first wife, Nancy Barbato. Over the years, there have been reports that there was bad blood between the Sinatra children and their dad’s fourth wife, however, none of those rumors were ever confirmed.

In his will, Frank Sinatra left a $100,000 cash bequest to Barbara’s son, according to the LA Times. His three children each received bequests of $200,000 in addition to their trust funds.

In 2011, Mrs. Sinatra gave a candid interview about her life with ‘Ol Blue Eyes. She talked about his past with women and admitted that she wasn’t completely innocent either. You can see an excerpt from that interview with ABC News below.

“As a young model and the wife of a gambler named Bob Oliver, I’d been wooed by John F. Kennedy. As a Las Vegas showgirl, I’d resisted Frank’s advances, and I’d lived with a television host named Joe Graydon. I’d been chased by some of the world’s most drop-dead, knockout movie stars, none of whom had anything on Frank. He had a sexual energy all his own. Even Elvis Presley, whom I’d met in Vegas, never had it quite like that.”

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