Moniece Slaughter Dating Girlfriend AD Diggs on ‘LHHH’

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Moniece Slaughter surprises some of her fellow Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast members this season when she reveals her new love life. Slaughter is taking a swim in the lady pond, dating girlfriend AD Diggs, and some are very vocal about how they feel when it comes to the relationship. Even a friend of Diggs’ says that there’s no way Slaughter is “now a lesbian”. Diggs, an entrepreneur, defends her woman against haters, as does Slaughter herself.

So, who is AD Diggs? Diggs is a businesswoman from Brooklyn, New York and VH1 reports that she comes from an Italian-Puerto Rican family. She says that, even though she’s dating a reality star, she is not a fan of the drama, explaining that:

My least favorite thing filming a reality show is the drama, I honestly like to stay clear of it. I don’t really like the petty stuff, too, I’m going to be honest, that’s the worst part of this … It’s funny that I say I don’t like petty but I’m in a whole relationship with my girlfriend Moniece, one of the pettiest women on Love & Hip Hop.

While Diggs is aware that the show is filled with fighting and craziness, she does hope to be a role model to viewers, stating:

Who you love shouldn’t really dictate the type of person that you show up as. I thought about all the positivities [to doing Love & Hip Hop] that this could carry, with me being a lesbian and how I could present myself to the world. I have a responsibility of being a role model on this show.

Previously, Moniece Slaughter dated Rich Dollaz and had a baby with Lil Fizz. And, Slaughter says that girlfriend Diggs is better in bed than Rich Dollaz. Ouch. Slaughter wrote on Instagram:

I adore my girlfriend, and she does it better than [Rich] ever did, so.

When Slaughter was recovering from a breast augmentation, she wrote about getting flowers from Diggs online. Slaughter gushed via Instagram, writing:

AAAAWWWWWW I love her. I was pouting because I want what I want when I want it. She’s been right by my side and she’s been my biggest lesson and an even bigger blessing. I’m learning that I can’t rush love or expect someone to feel what I feel as deeply as I do. Or at the same time as I do. She remembered in general conversation that i’d mentioned these are my favorite flowers and my favorite color. So this was how she asked me. And I love it because it was so thoughtful and so simple and this all I want. Time. Attention. Emotional awareness. And simplicity. Because it requires thought. I’m officially off the market.

With this post, it appeared that Slaughter was solidifying her relationship with Diggs.

In the past, Slaughter has confirmed that she is bi-sexual, according to VH1.

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