‘Spouse House’ TLC: Meet the Cast

Spouse House TLC Show, Spouse House Cast


In TLC’s 10-episode series, ‘Spouse House’, seven single women and seven single men move into a home in the hopes of finding their soul mate.

An engagement ceremony takes place at the end of each episode. If no one proposes, two people must be evicted to open up space for new housemates.

The show comes from the same people who created Married at First Sight and follows the simple rule: get married or get out.

Read on to learn more about the cast of the show.

Ashley Lauren

Ashley runs a media company based on spreading kindness. Her website states that she’s “been a model, TV host, radio host, web producer, and presenter for Fortune 500 Companies.”

Ashley graduated from Loyola University and is a self-professed fitness freak.

Kelli Jo

Spouse House TLC Show, Spouse House Cast

Kelli Jo is a Southern girl, and loves sports– specifically wrestling. She works as a flight attendant, and was engaged to her previous boyfriend, but ended it when she learned he was cheating on her the entire time.


Danny, 29, is a personal trainer.

He graduated from Grand Canyon University with a degree in Business and Marketing. His parents have been married for 32 years.


Brianne, 28, is only used to short-term relationships. She graduated the University of Missouri with a degree in Communications and loved to travel.

Based on her social media, Brianne enjoys spending time outdoors. She has two cats who she loves deeply: Wednesday and Gomez Addams.

Ashley P

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Unlike most of her co-stars who are from Chicago, Ashley, 26, is from LA, and graduated from Iowa State University with a journalism degree.

Ashley’s relationships haven’t been that long– three months at most.


Spouse House TLC Show, Spouse House Cast

Youtube/Chris from ‘Spouse House’.

Chris, 33, graduated from the University of Illinois and is an adolescent therapist.

His parents have been married for 34 years.


Spouse House TLC Show, Spouse House Cast


Albert is an entrepreneur. He’s opened three gyms and is the VP of a non-profit that helps people wrongly accused of crimes.

Albert is 40, and has three kids with his ex-wife.


Spouse House TLC Show, Spouse House Cast

Tom works in commercial sales, and in his downtime, he enjoys biking, floating, and flag football.

He’s 36, and hopes to find a driven, intelligent woman who enjoys traveling as much as he does.


Spouse House TLC Show, Spouse House Cast

TwitterYesnaya is a full-time student and is currently in ‘The Spouse House’.

Yesnaya is a full-time student with an 8-year-old son, which has made finding a committed partner who is a good fit difficult. According to People, she has been cheated on in everyone of her previous relationships.

Yesnaya is currently in her last year of physical therapy school.



Darren, 29, earned his pilot’s license when he was 17-years-old. He has worked as a locomotive engineer for the past nine years.

His Instagram bio reads, “Investor, pilot, entrepreneur, gym rat, public speaker, adrenaline junkie, volunteer, gear head, book worm, sports fan, railroader, foodie, cook.”

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