Boosie Badazz’s Birthday Gift to Son Is Oral Sex, Twitter Reacts

Boosie Badazz oral sex


Boosie Badazz decided to post a message to his son, Tootie Raw, in honor of his birthday. Like most dads, Boosie wanted to let his son know that he was thinking about him on his special day. However, in his Instagram post, Boosie may have taken things a bit too far.

He told his son that he’d be giving him “a bag of money” and “a bad b*tch to give [him] some head.” You can check out the post below.

While that may have been “funny” to some people, Boosie’s son is only 14 years old. As TMZ points out, the “joke” is about child molestation.

Despite the backlash on Twitter, Boosie is just going about his day. He recently posted a video of his son driving a Mercedes Benz, which you can see below. Of course, that video got plenty of comments as well since the legal driving age in most states is 16.

Just a short time ago, TMZ posted a video of Boosie sort of eating his words, but the world isn’t really sure how they feel about it. Boosie said that he was just “clowning” about getting his son oral sex for his birthday and added that if his son wants to hook up with girls, he can do that on his own –and Boosie supports it.

Twitter seems to have mixed reactions on Boosie’s posts. Some people think that it’s funny and have been posting memes and other jokes, while others think it’s a shame that Boosie would post such a thing about his young son.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the world has heard Boosie’s plans for his son. In his song, “Daddy Love Ya,” Boosie rapped about getting his son oral sex at age 7.

“At 11 I’m gonna go get my son a Ferrari. At seven I’m gon’ get him head at his birthday party,” read the lyrics.

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Why do celebrities feel they can get away with anything. Your already in the spotlight,everything you say and do eventually comes to light. I think they just like the attention !!!

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