Amanda Segel: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Producer and writer Amanda Segel has come forward with claims that Harvey Weinstein’s brother, Bob, sexually harassed her.

Segel’s story was published by Variety on the same day that Harvey Weinstein resigned from the Board of Directors of The Weinstein Company. According to TMZ, Harvey was given an ultimatum by the company following serious claims that he has sexually harassed several women in the industry for decades.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Segel Told ‘Variety’ That This All Started During a Dinner in June 2016

Segel told Variety that she accepted an invitation to have dinner with Weinstein in an effort “to establish a professional relationship” with him as the two were going to be working together on The Mist. Not long after she agreed to meet up with him, Segel said that some of her colleagues told her that Weinstein asked if she was “single.”

“During the dinner, Weinstein asked Segel highly intimate questions and made romantic overtures to her, according to Segel. He wanted to know her age because he told her he didn’t want to date anyone younger than his daughter,” Variety reported.

Segel also told Variety that Weinstein asked her for a ride back to his hotel later on in the evening, where she claims to have declined an invitation to come up to his room. Weinstein allegedly didn’t stop pursuing Segel; she said that she received advances by way of invitations to various dinners, Variety reports. Segel said that Weinstein said he could “fire her” if she didn’t go out with him.

“‘No’ should be enough. After ‘no,’ anybody who has asked you out should just move on. Bob kept referring to me that he wanted to have a friendship. He didn’t want a friendship. He wanted more than that. My hope is that ‘no’ is enough from now on,” Segel told Variety.

2. Bob Weinstein’s Representative Has Denied Segel’s Claims

In a statement obtained by Variety, a rep for Weinstein denied the allegations made by Segel, claiming that the two had dinner last year, but that nothing inappropriate went on during that dinner — or during subsequent communications or meetings.

“Bob Weinstein had dinner with Ms. Segel in LA in June 2016. He denies any claims that he behaved inappropriately at or after the dinner. It is most unfortunate that any such claim has been made,” the statement read.

According to Variety, Segel’s lawyer David Fox reached out to The Weinstein Company’s COO David Glasser about the harassment at the time. However, a rep from The Weinstein Company has denied ever hearing from Fox on the issue.

3. Segel Graduated from the University of Michigan

According to her LinkedIn page, Segel graduated from the University of Michigan.

In 1998, Segel landed one of her earliest jobs in the business. She worked as a production secretary for the film Hush. Since then, she has over two dozen credits to her name, according to IMDb. In the early 2000s, Segel worked as an assistant on a variety of films. In 2006, she got one of her first official writing gigs, landing a spot on Without a Trace. From there, she started producing.

4. Segel Was the Executive Producer of ‘The Mist’

Segel is a writer and a producer. She most recently worked on The Mista series that aired on Spike TV. The fantasy thriller had a 10-episode first season that ended back in August and it was not renewed for a second season by the network.

“After an eerie mist rolls into a small town, the residents must battle the mysterious mist and its threats, fighting to maintain their morality and sanity.”

Segel has also worked on shows such as The Good Wife and Person of Interest.

Although her IMDb page doesn’t have any new projects listed, she told Variety that she is currently working on a new series, “in a work environment she described as pleasantly low-key, and focused on developing her own projects.”

5. Segel Loves Dogs & Has Raised Awareness for ‘Race for the Rescues’

Segel’s social media is filled with photos of dogs. Aside from raising and loving her own dogs, Segel has spent some time raising awareness and money for an organization called “Race for the Rescue.” She is a strong proponent of the “adopt don’t shop” mentality.

“Hi, all. Come on out and race for a great cause on Oct. 14 at the Rose Bowl. You can run, walk, or just hang out and check out all the adorable adoptables. I’m raising money for Team Rescue Train, my favorite LA rescue group (the race helps 12 local groups!),” she posted on Instagram back in August.

“Race for the Rescue” is a “no-kill organization dedicated to eliminating animal suffering and euthanasia. Our mission is to unite welfare organizations to fight pet overpopulation and save as many animal lives as possible. By creating this fundraising platform we help  animal non-profits raise much needed funds to continue their life-saving efforts.  We develop and share leadership skills and tools with innovative ideas to help homeless animals and to make our world a kinder place.”




I believe Ms. Segal. The Weinstein boys are perverted powerless jewish whimps.
We have a lot of these impotent pigs in Hollywood.
These women are a big part of the problem. Please report every one of these humiliating acts by these predators.
There need to be an anonymous website where victims can report these criminals.
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I don’t believe for one second that he threatened to fire her. At the very least it would have been a stupid business move and jeopardized the project.

So, credibility problem.

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