WATCH: Kim Joo-hyuk Fatal Car Crash in Seoul

Kim Joo-hyuk Dead

Getty Kim Joo-hyuk pictured in 2007.

Celebrated Korean comedy actor Kim Joo-hyuk was killed in a car accident in Seoul on October 30. The state news agency reported that at about 6:30 p.m. local time Kim’s Mercedes-Benz SUV clipped the car in front of him, spun out of control and crashed into an apartment building. Emergency services rushed Kim to the Konkuk University Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Kim was 45 years old.

You can watch the shocking footage of the crash here:

On October 27, Kim had just won a Best Supporting Actor award at the first Seoul Awards, reports Yonhap. Kim won the award for his role in Confidential Assignment. Among his multiple movie performances, Kim was also known for his role in the variety TV show, 2 Days & 1 Night. He will have two films released posthumously, Heung-bu and Drug War. The Korea Herald reported that Kim had recently said that during his mandatory military service, he had worked as a driver. Kim was a graduate of Dongguk University’s theater and film program.

All K Pop reports that “fake TWICE fance are commenting mean thing about Kim Joo-hyuk’s passing.” The website says that haters of the girl group TWICE are commenting nasty things about Kim to discredit the group’s fans. Kim’s death came on the same day that TWICE released their comeback album, Likey.

One alleged TWICE fan wrote:

If he died from a car accident then he should be reported in the social news section. I don’t understand why his news was released 3 minutes after TWICE made their comeback and released their new song.

Is the government trying to prevent TWICE from getting bigger since it can be problematic when their societal influence becomes too powerful.

The Korea Herald reports that at the time of his death, Kim had been in a relationship with actress Lee Yu-young. While Channel News Asia says that Lee had been filming Running Man in Busan when she got word of the accident. After hearing the news, Lee left the production.

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