Who Gets Fired on ‘Below Deck’ Tonight?

Chris Brown Below Deck, Chris Below Deck, Who Gets Fired On Below Deck Tonight, Does Chris Brown Get Fired On Below Deck Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

The deck team has been having a hard time figuring out how to smoothly do their jobs this season on Below Deck. Because of this, the entire crew seems to be suffering. Nico Scholly was the bosun of The Valor, but clearly, Captain Lee didn’t think he had the ability to properly lead his very green crew. As a result, Lee brought aboard bosun EJ Jansen to help out the crew and provide some direction. This definitely upset Scholly. Bruno Duarte, Chris Brown and Baker Manning make up the rest of the deck crew.

On tonight’s episode, Captain Lee will reconfigure the crew and it looks like someone may be fired. If Lee sends someone home, we are guessing it’s Chris Brown, who has been slacking off since the beginning. He even took a nap when he was supposed to be working because he was hungover. As Captain Lee watches the show this season, he has been blunt and frank with his opinion of Brown. Captain Lee addressed Brown to Bravo, saying:

Your lack of work ethic and respect for Nico caused me to bring in someone to help us out. I would love to see you suck it up and do something positive so we don’t need an extra person, but I’m not sure that will happen in your case. We will see. I would be careful what I ask for if I were you, because you might just get what you want. Getting fired is fun — really? In what world does that fall into the fun category? Why do I think that is the one thing you have probably had extensive experience with?

And, while Brown has been the least productive, surely Scholly is not a fan of having his leadership position challenged. After seeing Scholly’s reaction to Jansen joining the crew, Captain Lee addressed Scholly directly in his blog, saying:

Nico, I’ve given you a free hand with the deck crew, and it’s not working. I’m not blaming you because you weren’t given all the proper tools to succeed as far as crews go. I realize that, so I’m not sure why you resent getting some help. You have obviously given up on the crew by your own admission (“they’re not going to get any better”), so I bring in someone who can work with you. And, as he and I have a history, I know what he can do — that is, if you let him. But you seem to have taken personal offense at me trying to help you out, even I know you have a lot on your plate, and you’re frustrated. You two are supposed to work together towards a common goal and run the deck like it should be, not you doing everything you can to see that he fails.

Scholly has also been dealing with a family tragedy, losing his younger brother in an accidental death. His brother Tristen died after falling from a third floor balcony after a night out and the loss is something that Scholly deals with while on board The Valor.

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