Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Paul Ryan Were Spotted Together in Oklahoma

Blake Shelton Paul Ryan, Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Paul Ryan

Getty Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were in Oklahoma for Thanksgiving

It was a normal night in Tishomingo, Oklahoma and the next day was Thanksgiving. Little chilly out, nothing to write home about. At Ole Red restaurant Bobbie LaFevers and her family and friends were celebrating a birthday when all of sudden the night got markedly more exciting.

First, Paul Ryan walked in.

Yes, that Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House.

Then sometime later, exactly how later is unknown, the restaurant’s owner walked in, People magazine’s sexiest man of the year, Blake Shelton, and his girlfriend Gwen Stefani. Shelton and Stefani, along with her three children from her marriage to Gavin Rossdale, were spending Thanksgiving at Shelton’s Tishomingo home.

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Had the best thanksgiving ❤️gx

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LaFevers and her party were amazed to see the Speaker, the country star and the pop star walk into the restaurant.

“In walked Paul Ryan first, Speaker of the House and then double duty, we got to see Blake Shelton walk in, him and Gwen,” LaFevers said. “Everybody was just going ballistic getting to see him. It was pretty neat.”

That’s totally understandable. It’s not every day you’re eating dinner and three celebrities stroll in. Although just to clear things up, according to Shelton, this was not planned. He and Stefani did not intend on hanging out with Ryan that night, something that Shelton has set out to clarify Thursday afternoon on Twitter.

Shelton must be serious based on all of those capital letters.

In all fairness though, you could see how someone might think that the rendezvous was planned. For starters, based on how Shelton and Ryan were dressed that night, it wouldn’t be all that much of a stretch to think that they had been hanging out all day, doing some hunting, drinking some beers and talking about the beauty of a tax plan that lets you file taxes on a piece of paper the size of a postcard.

On top of their attire and the fact that they look like twins, the last I checked, Paul Ryan represents the state of Wisconsin. Not Oklahoma. That certainly seems like something that could further fuel any speculation that Ryan, Shelton and Stefani hanging out together was planned ahead of time.

Hold on though, I did some quick research and Paul Ryan actually had a pretty good reason for being in Tishomingo, Oklahoma on the night before Thanksgiving as opposed to the great state of Wisconsin or in Washington D.C., working on this Republican tax plan. The Speaker’s wife, Janna Ryan, grew up in Madill, Oklahoma. Madill is a small town that is less than a twenty minute drive south on route 377 from Tishomingo.

On top of that, both Ryan and his wife are outdoorsy folks, with Ryan himself being an avid hunter who has a fondness for bowhunting and catfishing. Suddenly this is starting to make a lot more sense.

While some of the Twitter buzz has been directed at Shelton, Stefani has taken some shots as well.




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