Frankie Muniz Has Trouble Preparing for ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Tonight

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This week, Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson are recreating a dance routine that Julianne Hough executed on a previous season of Dancing With the Stars. In an interview with Us Weekly, Muniz talked about how he’s had difficulty in making the elaborate dance come to life. He admitted, “It’s crazy to think to think that we got here, but also it’s kind of sad because we’re almost done, no matter what. I love it. I’m going to really try hard this last week, hopefully we make it to the final. She’s been an awesome, it’s been such an amazing experience. This is exceeding my expectations by a trillion, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever done and I’m so glad I was a part of this.”

What really makes things difficult for Muniz, when it comes to learning new routines, is his memory, which often fails him. After being involved in a serious car accident in 2009, Muniz has also suffered several concussions and mini-strokes. Muniz has made a name for himself in race car driving and, in racing, Muniz has suffered several injuries, from broken hands to a broken back. He is definitely feeling the pain while training for DWTS. On the premiere episode of DWTS season 25, Muniz told pro partner Witney Carson that, “I had a crash and broke my back and injured my hands and ribs.” He also went on to tell People, “I think we talk about my injuries every day because I have a creaky, old body. I’m 31 but feel like I have the creaky, old body of a 71-year-old. But I’m doing whatever it takes to take care of my body so I can continue dancing. I’ve raced Indy cars, I’ve played every sport, I consider myself a pretty athletic person, but I’m so sore. I’m so dead. I’m in the sauna, I’m icing. Everything that I’m doing every minute of the day is to make me a better dancer in this competition and make it to the end.”

Muniz also told Parade that nerves are sometimes an issue for him on the show, explaining that, “I’m still so nervous before we go out. I think I was a little better today but then again it was my worst performance, so maybe I need the nerves.” At the same time, he admitted that, “I already dread when we’re done and that I don’t get to wake up and go to rehearsal. I actually really enjoy it. There hasn’t been one time where I said, ‘I wish I wasn’t doing this.’ We’ve had 58 straight days of rehearsal. I’m scared for when I won’t get to do that anymore.” Tonight, Muniz heads into the semi-finals of DWTS and there are four other contestants in the mix as well. Along with Muniz, Property Brothers star Drew Scott, violinist Lindsey Stirling, actor and singer Jordan Fisher and paralympic swimmer Victoria Arlen are all left in the competition. Which one of them will take home the mirrorball trophy?

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