Josh Flagg’s Husband Bobby Boyd on ‘Million Dollar Listing LA’

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At the beginning of season 9 of Million Dollar Listing LA, fans were shocked to hear that Josh Flagg had broken up with his longtime boyfriend Colton Thorn, as the couple had been together for almost a decade. Flagg then revealed that he had found love with another man who he actually knew the same amount of time. On MDLLA, fans got to see Flagg start to date Bobby Boyd and discuss their relationship with his family. Flagg then organized a flash mob proposal in Paris, France, with his parents present. Boyd had once told Flagg that he didn’t want to ever go to Paris until he was in love. So, when the time was right, the two went together. There, they met up with Flagg’s mother and father. Boyd thought that he was attending an event with the three of them, but he was really set up. The other attendees at the fake event began to break out in performance before pulling Boyd and Flagg into the center of their circle. And there, Flagg got down on one knee. As Boyd has put it, he’s found his “lobster” in Flagg.

This season, fans see Flagg and Boyd’s journey to the altar, but previews of season 10 show that it’s a rocky road. Boyd becomes angry at Flagg and tells fellow cast member James Harris that he’s “done”. Fortunately, this bump in the road was not an end to the couple’s relationship, as they tied the knot in September 2017. The couple married at the Beverly Hills Hotel and Flagg released the following statement to The Daily Dish about the nuptials, “The wedding was magical, we danced the night away with all of our closest family and friends.” The couple’s first dance was to Etta James’ “At Last,” and the event was filled with friends, family and reality stars.

Last November 2016, Flagg opened up about his relationship with Boyd to Bravo and gushed, “When you know, you know, and when you just feel it’s right, you feel it’s right. The first date we had, real date, I knew that I wanted to marry him. My parents were engaged at three months and are married for 34-plus years, so it does happen sometimes. Some people get engaged and wait and get married three, five years later, then get divorced the next day. So with him, I knew he was the one for me. And so I wanted to get engaged.” When Boyd and Flagg first started to date, one of Boyd’s concerns was that he was just a rebound from Flagg’s ex Thorn. Fortunately, Flagg assured him that he was not just a fling. Flagg spoke about his break up with Thorn on MDLLA and it seemed like the couple grew apart. But, Flagg also seemed to put a great amount of the blame for the couple’s demise on himself. Since the death of his grandmother Edith Flagg, he had felt sad and out of sorts, so perhaps this played a part in how he was feeling in his relationship. We can only speculate.

Check out some footage and photos from the wedding of Flagg and Boyd below.

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To the greatest parents in the world. Thank you.

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Dancing Queens! #abba

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To the new Mr and Mr Flagg! ?

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