Is Hailey Baldwin Dating Shawn Mendes?

After a source told E! News that Hailey Baldwin and Shawn Mendes have been dating, rumors about the two began to swirl on social media. MTV UK reports that the two have been getting more serious about each other for weeks. A source revealed that, “It started out casual as they would run into each other at parties and hangout, but most recently it’s become more serious … They are definitely dating and spend a lot of time together … A few months ago they were sneaking out of public venues like Delilah while trying to not make a scene and now they have gone on private vacations to Europe. Their relationship has grown and they don’t care if anyone sees them now.”

MTV reports that Baldwin and Mendes were spotted together at an after-party for the MTV Europe Music Awards. Then, Baldwin was seen attending Mendes’ concert in Brooklyn, New York. When the two were seen at the MTV EMAs party, a source revealed that they were kissing and, “It clearly wasn’t a one-time thing. They looked like they were seriously into each other. It was a very exclusive bash and Shawn and Hailey were really enjoying themselves, spending ages french kissing … The place was packed with stars but Shawn only had eyes for Hailey.”

Recently, an insider told E! News that Mendes is head over heels for Baldwin, explaining that, “Hailey is not one to make things a huge deal, but Shawn worships her. He is definitely considerate of her busy schedule and her feelings. They are really cute together … Hailey’s friends think Shawn is great because he is ‘chill and relaxed’ and is very supportive of Hailey.” And, while Mendes is supposedly very interested in Baldwin, an insider tells Us Weekly that she is just as intrigued by him. The insider stated, “Hailey is really into Shawn and thinks he is the nicest, sweetest guy. They meet up whenever they’re in the same city, FaceTime a lot and text each other several times a day.”

Mendes isn’t the first celebrity Baldwin has been romantically linked to over the years. In the past, Baldwin had a lot of PDA pics with Justin Bieber posted on Instagram and the two were reported to be seeing each other. She was also linked to singer Drake. In 2016, Baldwin talked about dating Bieber to Marie Claire, revealing that, “I don’t want attention out of dating somebody. Texts started coming through, crazy phone calls … it’s hard to date somebody in this industry … you have to have really thick skin and be very strong. You have to focus on the person and nothing else.” As for Baldwin’s connection to Drake, she previously told E!, “I’ve known [Drake] for a long time, I don’t know if people really know that.” A source also said that, “They have always had a close friendship and similar group of friends. They are very playful with each other, but nothing romantic is going in at this moment.”

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