‘In a Mirror Darkly’: How to Watch the Enterprise Episodes for Free

Star Trek Enterprise

After watching the premiere of Part 2 of Star Trek: Discovery, many fans are wanting to learn more about The Defiant and what happened to it in the episodes “In a Mirror Darkly” Part 1 & 2 from Enterprise. We have all the details on how to watch the episodes, along with how they might relate to the newest episode of DiscoveryThis post has major spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 10, so don’t read on until you’ve seen the episode. 

“In a Mirror Darkly” took place in Season 4 of Enterprise, spanning episodes 18 & 19. The episodes aired on April 22 and 29, 2005, and featured the entire Enterprise crew from the mirror universe. If you want to watch both “In a Mirror Darkly” episodes, you have a lot of options. If you’re already watching Star Trek: Discovery, then the easiest way to watch the series is through CBS All Access. The direct link is here. You can also get a free week trial by clicking on the “Try 1 Week Free” button on that page.

If Netflix is more your style, you can watch both episodes there too, at this link. Just click on “Episodes” and choose Season 4, scrolling to episodes 18 and 19. If you’re not already a Netflix customer, you can get a free one month trial. Simply visit Netflix.com and click on “Join Free for a Month.” Choose your plan, enter your name and email, pick a password, and start watching. Cancel before your free trial ends, or you’ll automatically start being charged every month.

You can also watch the episodes directly on Amazon. If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, then the episodes are free for you to watch. If you subscribed to CBS All Access through Amazon, then you can watch free that way too.

If Hulu is your preference, you can watch there too. Hulu also offers a free trial, just click on the green “Start Your Free Trial” button on the screen. Choose the $11.99/month plan for no commercials and a month free, or the $5.99/month plan for limited commercials and a month free.

These episodes are pretty much required viewing after watching Season 1 Episode 10 of Discovery and before watching Season 1 Episode 11. They’ll provide much-needed background information about the Defiant, which may hold the key to helping Lorca and his crew escape the Mirror universe. You’ll also learn some interesting background information. For example, that torture chamber that Lorca was left in was actually invented called an “agony booth” and it was invented by Malcolm Reed and Dr. Phlox in the mirror universe.

These aren’t the only episodes you might want to watch before next Sunday. The USS Defiant was first seen in The Original Series episode “The Tholian Web,” Episode 3×09. And the sequel to “In a Mirror Darkly” is The Original Series’ “Mirror, Mirror,” Episode 2×10.

If you want to see more mirror universe episodes, you’ll also want to check out Deep Space Nine. The relevant mirror universe episodes on that series are “Crossover,” “Through the Looking Glass,” “Shattered Mirror,” and “Resurrection.” They won’t add any knowledge to the Discovery storyline, but they’re interesting nonetheless. (However, they are probably best enjoyed if you’ve already watched the previous DS9 episodes, so you understand the characters.)

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