LISTEN: Shane Dawson Talking About ‘Sexy 6-Year-Old’

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A YouTuber is attracting serious online heat after a video circulated on Twitter showing him making various sexual comments about minors. The clip is audio of Shane Dawson talking about a girl, who many online believe to be Alabama Luella Barker, 12, who was 6 years old when Dawson met her, being described as “sexy,” on a 2013 episode of his podcast. The edited video begins with Dawson saying, “Here’s my thing. People have foot fetishes, people have fetishes about… everything. Fine, everybody do your thing… So why is it when somebody looks at naked babies on Google and jerks off to it they can get arrested?”

Dawson then goes on to talk about not understanding why people get sent to prison for masturbating to images of minors online.

The video then switches to talking about Dawson various other minor girls, including <a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Danielle Bregoli</a> aka Cash Me Outside.

Dawson has responded to the video, writing on his Twitter page: “that video is all jokes taken out of context and has all the punchlines removed. it also is illegal to claim someone is a pedofile and use 6 year old jokes as “proof”.”

You can listen to the entire 2013 episode of <em>Shane &amp; Friends</em> here:

Dawson’s 8.1 million fans, that’s how many people subscribe to Shane Dawson TV, are not accepting the video as evidence of any wrongdoing:

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