What Did Carl’s Letter to Negan Say on ‘The Walking Dead’? [PHOTOS]


Tonight on The Walking Dead, we saw Rick and Michonne deal with the fallout of Carl’s death, while Negan tried to keep his own people under control. Rick seems to still be in shock, but he didn’t quite have the reaction that Carl intended when he read Carl’s letter to Negan (without reading the letter that Carl left for him.) This post has spoilers for tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead. 

What did Carl write to Negan? Although we were never shown the entire letter, we did get glimpses of it while Rick read it incredibly fast. You can see photos of the letter below.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

The photo in the center is the clearest view we get of the letter, although we can never read all of it. The letter appears to read, in part, the following. A lot of words are hard to read, so we can only get a partial gist of the letter’s request. We’ll update this as we are able to decipher more of the letter:

“Negan. This is Carl… Back when I [?]… I got bit. We didn’t even have … [?] doing.  I was just helping someone. [?] You might be gone. Maybe my dad made [?] … [maybe] he liked (killed?) you – but I don’t think so. I think you’re … [?] … working on a way out. Maybe you got out. Maybe..[?] lost cause and you just want to kill all of us. I think you have to be who you are. I just [?] what you wanted. I wanted to ask you… I [?] … maybe you’ll beat us. If you do, there’ll just be someone (else?)… [?] The way out is working together. It’s forgiveness. It’s believing (there doesn’t?) have to be a fight anymore. Because… [?] … offers you peace… everything can change.”

Do you see anything else in the letter that we missed?

Apparently whatever Carl wrote, it wasn’t enough to change Rick’s mind. It’s possible that Rick is going through so much grief right now that he’s misplacing his grief and only allowing himself to feel anger instead right now. He certainly didn’t live out his promise to Carl when he abandoned and shot at Jadis. In fact, his excuses for doing that were very similar to the excuses he gave Carl about Siddiq. (And shooting at Jadis was similar to how he treated Siddiq too.)

What will it take for Rick to learn? Or should he learn?

Meanwhile, Negan’s reaction to Carl’s death was spot on. Those two had developed a connection, and Negan will indeed be thinking about Carl’s death for a while. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see them in more scenes together.

This is a developing story. As we can read more of Carl’s letter or if we have more photos, we will update this story.