BK Brasco, Sierra Gates’ Boyfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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This season on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, fans get to see cast member Sierra Gates moving on from her ex with boyfriend BK Brasco. According to Empire Boo Boo Kitty, Brasco was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and the rapper first fell in love with music when going to church as a kid. Get to know more about Brasco, his relationship with Gates and Gates’ love life in our 5 Fast Facts below.

1. Gates’ Relationship With Brasco Comes After Her Ex Cheated on Her


During season 6 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, fans saw Gates’ husband (at the time), Shooter Gates, cheat on her with one of her employees, a woman named Moriah. Gates has moved on with Brasco, but some of the upset from her relationship with ex Shooter carries over into this season a bit. According to 2 Paragraphs, Brasco claims to “keep a lot of women around,” so hopefully he doesn’t have dirty habits like Shooter did when he was with Gates. VH1 reported that Brasco is working on “learning how to end things with one person before [moving] on to the next.”

2. The Rapper’s Net Worth is Estimated at $1 Million


Empire Boo Boo Kitty has reported that Brasco’s estimated wealth is $1 million and most of his earnings are from his rap career. He was first a part of a group called Brooklyn, but the group’s founder, Shakir Stuart, died. He later signed with Arista and his career grew from there. Most recently, Brasco was featured on Noelia’s new single “Explode” with Timbaland and he has a project called “Brownsville” as well.

3. Brasco Has Two Children

BK Brasco is a father of two and he previously wrote on Instagram that he misses his kids. His focus appears to be his career, since he voiced online that he wants to be a better dad. Brasco admitted, “Becoming a dad for my two kids is probably the single greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life. It’s a wonderfully enriching experience that’s made me a better person overall. But, look, I’d be lying if I said parenting was nothing but picture perfect moments.” Despite this, Brasco isn’t shy about posting sweet photos with his children on his social media accounts.

4. Romel Cummings Is Brasco’s Real Name

Many artists and stars have a stage name and BK Brasco is definitely for show. Brasco’s actual name is Romel Cummings. He grew up close to his family and, based on his social media, he appears to still be the same in that aspect of his life.

5. Brasco Is Using LHHATHL for Professional Gain

Meet BK Brasco: 'I'm the Ace' | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (Season 7) | VH1BK Brasco is a man of many passions, and now this Brooklyn-born artist is ready to show the world what he's made of. #VH1 #LHH #LHHATL Subscribe to VH1: on.vh1.com/subscribe Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta follows the lives of Atlanta's hip-hop elite as they take on the trials and tribulations of juggling both their professional and…2018-03-23T22:00:03.000Z

On Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, BK Brasco thinks that the show could be a major platform for his music, but isn’t everyone? Look at Cardi B, right? He told VH1 that some people turn into different people when the cameras come on.

On LHHATL, Brasco said that he was a little hesitant with Gates because she was still legally married when they got together. At the same time, he said on the show that he finds her very sexy and loves that she’s “a boss”.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the VH1 network. Tune in for new episodes.

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