Peter Abernathy on ‘Westworld’: Storyline Recap from Season 1

Peter Abernathy

HBO Peter Abernathy

The next biggest show since Game of Thrones is finally back, as HBO premieres Westworld Season 2 tonight. You might be trying to remember details about characters’ storylines from last season, including Peter Abernathy. Well, you’re in luck. We have a recap of Peter’s storyline from Season 1 and where things left off with him below, along with minor spoilers about what has been revealed so far regarding his role in Season 2. These are small points revealed publicly before the Season 2 premiere.  

Louis Herthum portrayed Peter Abernathy in Season 1, and he’s coming back for Season 2. In the first season, he was one of the first hosts to break out of his programming (sort of). It’s unclear if he just glitched, or if he truly did realize that his life had been a lie, designed by strangers.

At the beginning of Season 1, he was known only as being Dolores’ father. But things quickly changed. He discovered a photograph buried in the ground and became obsesses with the “wonders” he saw in the background. In fact, Dolores finds him one morning, having stayed up all night staring at the photo. He talks mysteriously about having a question he’s not supposed to ask, which gave him an answer he wasn’t supposed to know. And then he whispers in her ear: “These violent delights have violent ends.” The phrase became very important to all of Season 1.

After all the hosts are recalled because of a malfunction from the reverie upgrade, Ford interviews Abernathy to try to discover why he could access parts of his previous personality, which was a leader of a cannibalistic cult. Ford also wants to determine why Abernathy can “see” the photo, which should have appeared blank to him. Abernathy says that Dolores has to get out, and he must warn her.

As a result of his breaches, Abernathy is decommissioned and put into Cold Storage. Elsie later determines that Abernathy’s breach was not caused by the photo, because his reaction wasn’t immediate.

In a later episode called “Trace Decay,” Charlotte Hale brings Lee Sizemore (the head of the Narrative Department) to Cold Storage. There they find Abernathy. Charlotte says that she is uploading 35 years of data into Abernathy. She tells Lee that he must give Abernathy just enough of a personality to let him get on the train at the Monorail Terminal in the Mesa Hub and leave. Supposedly all hosts have an explosive in their C6 vertebra to keep them from leaving, so it’s unclear how she planned to get around that.

Peter Abernathy may not have been in too many episodes in Season 1, but AV Club reported that he’s going to play a much bigger role in Season 2. He’s going to be a series regular and he will still be playing Dolores’ father.

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