Does Azan Tefou Have Girlfriends? Is He Cheating on Nicole Nafziger?

Azan Tefou Girlfriends


Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger star on 90 Day Fiance together, as a soon-to-be married couple, set to tie the knot in Morocco. Nafziger had been reportedly sending money to Tefou for years, as he struggled to find work. Nafziger’s family also reluctantly helped the couple financially, so that Tefou could move to the United States, but he was denied. This left the couple with an option to get married in Morocco and Nafziger was eager to make this happen, bringing her young daughter, May, with her.

This season, though, Nafziger finds out that there are recordings of Tefou talking to another girl about kissing her. So, is there any truth to the cheating allegations? Are Nafziger’s family members right about Tefou? Is he just using Nafziger for a green card?

According to Reality Blurb, Tefou has multiple girlfriends in addition to Nafziger. A Youtuber named Keith Brooks conducted an interview with a woman in Spain, who he calls “Miss A” and Brook said that, “Miss A says they met in August 2016 in an online group for individuals wanting to meet people from around the world. He Dm’ed her compliments saying she was pretty and wanting to know if she was single. The first few months, they spoke mostly about their families and then she decided she wanted to go visit him in Morocco. She wanted to visit him in January 2017 but he told her to wait a few months until March. (Nicole’s visit with May that was featured on the latest season of 90 Day Fiance took place during January 2017).” When “Miss A” allegedly asked about Nafziger and her daughter, Tefou reportedly said they were just tourists.

There are also claims that Tefou has a girlfriend in Morocco, who he plans to marry once he’s living in the United States. He reportedly has planned to divorce Nafziger after three years in order to make this happen.

According to Youtuber Brooks, when Tefou was filming with Nafziger in Morocco, “He told Miss A if the cameras weren’t around, he would have hit Nicole for being all over him and showing excessive PDA due to his Muslim culture …” Brooks also said that, “Miss A spent a week in Morocco at a local hotel that Azan worked at. He told her he was a manager, but she later found out he was a dishwasher. She later discovered she was paying for everything during the trip including his meals and his drinks. He even wanted her to buy him new clothes and pay for his gym membership.”

He continued, saying, “Sometimes he would ask Nicole to send him money while he’s sitting there with his Moroccan girlfriend. Once Nicole sends him money, he’ll use it to take his Moroccan girlfriend out and spend the rest on himself … He also had a Japanese girlfriend who would lavish him with gifts and money. When Nicole left in 2017, his girlfriend from England showed up to Morocco to spend a few weeks with him. They traveled all over the country. His Moroccan girlfriend didn’t mind as long as the money was there. He juggled women all the time.”

According to the Hollywood Gossip, though Tefou is allegedly cheating on Nafziger, there is also infidelity on Nafziger’s side as well. On 90 Day Fiance, it was previously revealed that Nafziger had cheated on Tefou years ago.

So, what is Nafziger up to today? According to In Touch Weekly she is reportedly still together with Tefou and she has actually gone through a major weight loss. She also has addressed some of her haters online, saying, “My life. My choices. My mistakes. My lessons. Not your business.”