Happy Father’s Day from ‘Westworld’ Season 2 Episode 9 [SPOILERS]

HBO A scene from Season 1 of Westworld

The latest episode of Westworld had some pretty interesting takes on fathers (and that’s an understatement.) In fact, it might take you a moment to realize that tonight’s very special fathers-focused episode actually aired on Father’s Day. HBO hasn’t had this kind of themed episode since the Mother’s and Father’s day Game of Thrones episodes, which quickly became the source of quite a few memes. So let’s debrief about what we learned about fathers for the Westworld Father’s Day episode, Season 2 Episode 9.

This post has MAJOR spoilers for “Vanishing Point,” Season 2 Episode 9 of Westworld. Don’t read on unless you’ve already seen the episode. 

Well, we saw the highs and lows for fathers on tonight’s Westworld, didn’t we? The low, obviously, was in the form of William shooting and killing his daughter Emily. I really have to wonder… Did HBO know they were airing this on Father’s Day? Was this a plan? Because that’s about as twisted as some of those Game of Thrones Mother’s and Father’s day episodes.

HBOWilliam and Emily

But we also saw the opposite… We saw Ford’s love for Maeve. Tonight, Ford admitted that Maeve is the closest thing he has to a child. He gave Maeve the most amazing, heartfelt speech. He jumped into Maeve’s cortical unit, through Bernard, and spoke to her. He told her that he had a different story in mind for her. He wanted her to wake up, leave, and find freedom.

HBOFord and Maeve

Yes, Ford’s original story for Maeve was for her to leave the park and be free. He didn’t want her to stay there. He wanted her in the real world.

“Of all the hosts I made, you, Maeve, were my favorite,” he lovingly told her.

“You stayed here to save your child,” he said to her. “So have I.”

He admitted that instead of programming her, “I should have just opened the door.” Then he kissed Maeve and disappeared.

Fans will be debating this speech for some time, I imagine. We saw Bernard attempt to delete Ford from his unit. If he succeeded, then we’ll be wondering if Ford jumped into Maeve’s unit first or if he just left her a message. I’m guessing he did jump into her unit, thus truly staying to save his child. But others may disagree with me on that point.

But I do believe that when he kissed her, he gave Maeve true freedom, sentience, and self awareness. I believe that at this moment, he gave her true independence.

And in this, Ford paints a contrast to William. William got so caught up in the darkness that he could not see his daughter for who she truly was, and he killed her. Ford also did not see Maeve for who she truly was — at first — but once he did, he set her free and gave her power. Two men who grew up in this park, but who had opposite reactions.

It makes for an interesting Father’s Day episode. And if you focus only on the darkness of William’s actions, then you will think this was a twisted episode. But if, instead, you think about Ford’s love for Maeve, you may realize that half of this episode is a truly beautiful story.

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