Skai Jackson & XXXTentacion: Deleted Tweet & Instagram Posts Fuel Controversy

Getty Skai Jackson

Skai Jackson has come under fire before for being a fan of XXXTentacion, but recent comments after his death have stirred up the controversy again. After he died, fans began arguing with her about a tweet that it appears she later deleted. Some of her comments on Twitter and Instagram have been generating quite a bit of controversy. However, the actress is only 16, so other people are asking fans to be compassionate and kind to her. Read on for details. (Warning: There will be some profanity in some of the comments.)

She published (and later deleted) the initial controversial tweet in response to a tweet  by Perez Hilton that read “Domestic abuser XXXTentacion murdered in drive-by-shooting.”

She wrote in response: “You really had to add ‘domestic abuser’? Can we just remember him in a positive light? Let’s not do that…”


Although the tweet no longer appears, a number of people saw it, got screenshots, and responded to her before it was deleted. However, a tweet she made talking about how much she misses him is still on her timeline.

On Instagram, she wrote about XXXTentacion: “I can’t believe this.. My heart hurts. You were one of the most humble, and genuine people I have ever met. You were becoming a positive person and trying to better yourself as a person. Thank you for encouraging words. You will truly be missed Jahseh.”

Here are some of the reactions from fans to her tweets and Instagram posts.

But others have come to Skai Jackson’s defense, saying that XXXTentacion had changed.

According to fans on Instagram, she’s also been joining in on some theories about how XXXTentacion died.

Jackson has been a fan and support of XXXTentacion for quite a while. In March 2017, she tweeted the following:

A short time later, in June 2017, her followers got angry when she attended an XXXTentacion concert. At the time she responded with comments including: “Let me live my life. Can I ever get a break?” and “People should be able to do whatever they would like.”

Singer Noah Cyrus came to her defense.

This is a developing story.