All the Rappers That Eminem Disses on ‘Kamikaze’

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Eminem shocked the world on Thursday night when he released the surprise album Kamikaze. The 13-track album came out of nowhere, and similar to Em releases of the past, each track contains references to his musical peers.

We’ve compiled a list of each artist that Eminem name drops on Kamikaze, ranging from the good and the bad to the outright insulting. The album is currently available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. You can sample each track below and check out the list after the jump.

Drake & Chance The Rapper

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While it remains to be seen whether these bars are supposed to be nods or outright disses, Eminem does layer in a few references to the 2016 releases of Drake (Views) and Chance The Rapper (Coloring Book) on the track “Fall.”

“Put me on a track, I go cray on it like a color book,” he spits. “You got some views, but you’re still below me / Mine are higher so when you compare our views you get overlooked / And I don’t say a hook unless I wrote the hook.” The last line could be in reference to the claims that Drake uses ghostwriters on several of his songs.

Em drops a similar bit later in the track, where he raps: “All I know is I wrote every single word of everything I ever murdered / Time to separate the sheep from goats / And I got no faith in your writers, I don’t believe in ghosts.” Drake often refers to himself as the G.O.A.T. in his music, which is an acronym for Greatest of All Time.

Lil Yachty

On the album’s opening track, Eminem goes after colorful rapper Lil Yachty. While Em says that he doesn’t mean to diss the “One Night” star, one can’t help but pick up a negative connotation in his lyrics.

“Get this f*ckin’ audio out my audio, adios / I can see why people like Lil Yachty, but not me though,” he raps. “Not even dissin’, it just ain’t for me / All I am simply is just an MC.” Eminem also goes about mumble rappers, an offshoot of hip-hop that Yachty is often associated with, on the track “Lucky You.”

“And mumble, oh f*ck it / I’m goin’ for the jugular / This sh*t is a circus,” he raps. “You clowns that are comin’ up don’t give an ounce of mother f*ck / About the ones that were here before you that make raps.”

Lil Pump & Lil Xan

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Best chain in the game ?

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Yachty isn’t the only Soundcloud rapper that landed within Eminem’s verbal scope. He also takes shots at Lil Pump and Lil Xan, two young emcees who have blown up within the past year due to their simplistic, anthemic lyrics.

Em also appears to compliment Lil Wayne, a contemporary who has collaborated with him on hit singles like “Forever” and “No Love.”

“Lil Pump, Lil Xan imitate Lil Wayne / I should aim at everybody in the game, pick a name,” he raps. “I’m fed up with being humble / And rumor is I’m hungry / I’m sure you heard rumblings / I heard you wanna rumble / like an empty stomach / I heard your mumbling but it’s jumbled in mumbo-jumbo / The era that I’m from will pummel you.”

Machine Gun Kelly

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Machine Gun Kelly has often drawn comparisons to Eminem by way of his speedy flow, but it doesn’t seem as though the latter appreciates it. On the track “Not Alike,” he calls out Kelly for being a weak artist.

“But next time you don’t gotta use Tech N9ne if you wanna come at me with a sub-machine gun / And I’m talking to you but you already know who the f*ck you are, Kelly / I don’t use sublims and sure as f*ck don’t sneak-diss / But keep commenting on my daughter Hailie.”

On Monday, September 3, Machine Gun Kelly responded with the diss track “Rap Devil.” The title is a play on Eminem’s single “Rap God” and criticizes Em for being out of touch with current music listeners. Check it out below.

Machine Gun Kelly – Rap DevilNEW EP ‘BINGE’ IS OUT NOW!: Machine Gun Kelly’s "Bloom" is available now! Listen to Bloom Now→ MGK Official Merch: Subscribe to MGK→ Follow Machine Gun Kelly: Machine Gun Kelly – Rap Devil | MGK Machine Gun Kelly

Joe Budden

On the title track, “Kamikaze,” Eminem goes after longtime peer and former Shady Records signee Joe Budden, who criticized his last album Revival. “Somebody tell Budden before I snap/ He better fasten it, Or have his body bag get zipped,” he raps. “The closest thing he’s had to hits/ Since smacking b*tches.”

Em also took shots at DJ Akademiks, who co-hosted the web series Everyday Struggle with Budden. “And don’t make me have to give it back to Akademiks / Say this sh*t is trash again, I’ll have you twisted like you had it / When you thought you had me slippin’ at the telly.”

Tyler, The Creator

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3. someones missing

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Elsewhere on the title track, he goes after Tyler, The Creator, a rapper who has also worn his Eminem influence on his sleeve over the years. “Tyler create nothing, I see why you called yourself a f*ggot, b*tch,” he angrily spits. “It’s not just ’cause you lack attention / It’s ’cause you worship D12’s balls, you’re sacrilegious.”

Eminem goes on to clown Tyler’s Odd Future affiliate Earl Sweatshirt as well. “If you’re gonna critique me, you better at least be as good or better / Get Earl, the Hooded Sweater, whatever his name is to help you put together some words, more than two letters,” he raps. “The fans waited for this moment / Like the feature when I stole this show /  Sorry if I took forever.”

Spared Victims: Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole & Big Sean

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Conversely, Eminem speaks very highly of Kendrick Lamar, who appeared on his 2014 album The Marshall Mathers LP 2. After referencing the likes of Yachty and Pump, Em says that Lamar is one of the few rappers who can command his respect. “That’s what it’s comin’ to / What the f*ck are you gonna do, where you runnin’ to? ,” he spits. “I’m gonna crumble you and I’ll take a number two / And dump on you if you ain’t Joyner / If you ain’t Kendrick or Cole or Sean then you’re a goner.”

The other rappers that Eminem speaks highly of at the end of the verse include Joyner Lucas, who appears elsewhere on Kamikaze, J. Cole, and Big Sean, who has worked with Em in the past and who hails from his hometown of Detroit. He also spoke highly of the rappers Logic and Hopsin on the title track. The latter posted a video online to share his excitement in getting a shout out from one of his idols. Check it out below.

For more on the Kamikaze album, and the memes and reactions its inspired on Twitter, click the link below.

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