‘Kin’ End Credits: Is There a Post-Credits Scene?

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Kin is currently in theaters, and the high-concept thriller pairs an impressive cast of stars like James Franco, Jack Reynor, Dennis Quaid and Zoe Kravitz with intrigue and mysterious alien technology. The film has generated considerable buzz around its unique premise, and some fans are wondering whether they should stay after the film is over to watch the credits.

Does ‘Kin’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

The answer is no. There are no mid-credit or post-credits scenes after Kin is over. That said, the film’s ending does leave the potential for a sequel open. Josh Baker, one of the film’s two directors, told The Hollywood Reporter that he and brother Jonathan have already concocted future stories about the characters and alien tech introduced in Kin. “We know where it’s going to go, but this is also self-contained,” he said. “And I think it wraps itself up in an interesting way where it leaves you asking questions and thinking about the movie.”

Shawn Levy, who produces the film and has directed hits like Real SteelThe Internship and the Night at the Museum trilogy, was similarly enthusiastic. “If we earn the privilege of the next chapter,” he teased, “I’ll just tell you it’s a crazy, big juicy next chapter.” Levy is also a producer on the successful Netflix series Stranger Things, and feels that Kin has a similar appeal to teen audiences.

In another interview with Collider, Levy spoke about the comparisons and the future of the series. “I was going to say that like Stranger Things, like Arrival, and for that matter, like our upcoming Fox movie The Darkest Minds, this is another 21 Laps project that enjoys the intersection of sci-fi and character,” he said. “I’ve had experience with my mega-museum movies and more recently Stranger Things, I can sincerely tell you I don’t set out to launch a franchise. I just try to make one thing really well, and if the reward is more installments and the birth of a franchise, that’s awesome.”

“We live in a franchise-to-death industry currently, but this was as simple as a new voice and a new vision in the Baker brothers, and we wanted to back them,” he continued. “It was very much the same kind of uncalculated, let’s be involved with talented people [thing].”

The ending of the film seems to leave specific things open for a potential sequel. Be warned that there are spoilers for the final act below.


At the end of the film, brothers Eli (Myles Truitt) and Jimmy (Reynor) are saved from a criminal gang that’s pursuing them by two mysterious figures referred to as Cleaners. They’ve apparently trailed Eli since his retrieved the alien weapon at the beginning of the film, and the male Cleaner (played by an uncredited Michael B. Jordan) reveals Eli is actually from their world. He tells Eli that their purpose is to ensure he remains hidden so he can help to save their home later on.

The Cleaners are killed shortly after, but they warn Eli that other assassins could follow behind them. They give Eli a special tattoo so their species can track him. The sequel could easily pick up with other Cleaners tracking Eli down and helping him train so that he can help protect their world.

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