Sean Fujiyoshi Leaves Nigahiga

Ryan Higa’s longtime partner Sean Fujiyoshi is leaving nigahiga, the popular YouTube channel they both founded in 2006.

Higa made the announcement on the nigahiga YouTube channel, saying that Fujiyoshi is moving from Las Vegas where nigahiga is headquartered to Califronia with his girlfriend to pursue a career in engineering.

Higa and the rest of the Ryan Higa Production Company (RHPC) put together a surprise party and video for Fujiyoshi with everyone on RHPC sending their regards to him.

“I am very thankful for everything that you’ve done,” said Higa in the goodbye video. “We’ve known each other since I was five and you were four… Your friendship meant so much to me. We were making YouTube videos. We were making those lip-sync videos, we were dressing up as girls and publicly putting this stuff out there. YouTube back then was not what it is now. This was 2005-2006 and we were the weird kids. They looked at us weird. This wasn’t a normal thing and you were right there with me and I really appreciate that I had somebody by my side… sharing the weird burden.”

“To RHPC, thank you guys for everything,” said Fujiyoshi. “You guys are my family, always have been ever since I moved here and I’m going to miss you guys. Thank you for all of the awesome experiences, all the laughs, and stress with all the videos that we’ve been through. I only wish the best things for you guys and I’ll be supporting you all the way.”

Fujiyoshi has been with nigahiga since the very beginning of the channel. He left the channel for a while but returned in a video in March 2013 and has been a regular member of RHPC since then.

Nigahiga has over 21 million subscribers and over 3.8 billion views at the time of writing, according to their YouTube page.