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Bobby Brown has joined forces with the BET network to create The Bobby Brown Story, a two-part movie about his life, and he is credited as a producer in the project as well. Previously the BET network came out with The New Edition Story, which focused on Brown’s music group New Edition. Actor Woody McClain joined The New Edition Story in the role of Bobby Brown and he has reprised his role, as the lead in The Bobby Brown Story.

The Bobby Brown Story picks up when Brown leaves New Edition and it gives details on his relationship with his late wife, icon Whitney Houston, their drug use together, Brown’s kids and the tragedies he has dealt with over the years. And, when it comes to why Brown wanted to create this miniseries, he said to the LA Times that, he wanted his story told from his point of view. He further explained, “I don’t want my kids to grow up and have to find a magazine, or videotape or watch a television program that speaks badly about their father. I would rather just tell my kids and show my kids, ‘This is what daddy did in his life. This is how it was back then in my life. Daddy’s not like that no more.’”

When it comes to McClain reprising his role as Brown, he said that he wanted to bring out the different sides of the legendary music artist. McClain told the LA Times, “Bobby’s wild when he’s on stage. When he’s with his family, he’s a whole different person. I really want people to see that.”

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Some of the other actors playing movie stars in the cast of The Bobby Brown Story are Mekhi Phifer playing Tommy Brown, Gabrielle Dennis as Whitney Houston, Donshea Hopkins as Bobbi Kristina Brown, Isaac J. Sullivan as Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Ethan McDowell as Kevin Cosner, India Batson as Heather Locklear, Cree Davis as Janet Jackson, Brandon Howard as Michael Jackson, Demetrius Shipp Jr. as Tupac Shakur, Dominic L. Santana as Suge Knight, Ephraim Sykes as Keith Sweat, Luke James playing Johnny Gill, Laz Alonso as Louil Silas Jr, Bryshere Y. Gray as Michael Bivins, and Elijah Kelley as Ricky Bell.

Whitney Houston is a big part of Bobby Brown’s movie, according to Deadline, and the ex-couple’s highs and lows will be on full display. They were married from 1992-2007 and had one child together, a daughter named Bobbi Kristina. Both Houston and Bobbi Kris have since died. Gabrielle Dennis, who plays Houston, is most known for her television role on Rosewood. According to Bustle, Dennis watched hours of footage and spoke to people who knew Houston, in order to prepare for the part.

Dennis said that, “I got to talk to one of her background vocalists, I got to talk to [Kenneth] Babyface Edmonds who worked with her, I got to talk to, obviously, Bobby Brown, and just watching a lot of videos. That’s one good thing. Her career is so huge and she’s been around for so long. There’s so much footage out there to watch by way of interviews and live performances.”

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston Wedding

The Bobby Brown wedding scene from “The Bobby Brown Story”.

When it comes to any spoilers on the miniseries, for those who have followed Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston over the years, they have a pretty good idea of what to expect, considering it’s his life story. The official Xfinity synopsis of the first part of the miniseries describes the goings on as this:

Bobby Brown becomes one of the biggest and most successful entertainers in the world by the age of 20 and shocks the world with his marriage to Whitney Houston; their shared struggle with addiction derails both of their careers.

In an interview with LA Times, Brown said that if Houston were alive today, she would definitely have a different version of the story. Part 2 of The Bobby Brown Story is described as this by Xfinity:

Bobby and Whitney’s marriage falls apart after he kicks hard drugs in jail and she continues using; his attempt to rebuild his life is put to the ultimate test by a series of family tragedies.

Tune in to the BET network and BET Her to watch The Bobby Brown Story. Find additional show times here.

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