What Time Will Disturbed Album ‘Evolution’ Be Released?

Getty Disturbed performs onstage

Disturbed is prepping to drop their new album Evolution. The album is set for release at 9 p.m. Pacific on Thursday (Oct. 18) or midnight Eastern on Friday (Oct. 19) depending on your time zone. If that is too late for you to stay awake, you can stream and listen to it at your convenience.

Generally, albums become available around midnight Eastern on streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. This was the case for Disturbed’s previous releases, 2010’s Asylum and 2015’s Immortalized. On occasion, however, these platforms will throw a curveball at listeners.

The Album Will Drop Midnight Eastern Time on Streaming Services

Take Kanye West’s album Yandhi for example. It was originally scheduled for release on Saturday, September 29, but it would up being delayed to November. A similar thing happened with Drake’s double album Scorpion. While it was released at the proper time on Apple Music, the album wasn’t made available until 3 a.m. EST for Spotify users.

Disturbed announced that they were working on their seventh studio album back in January. Evolution is the first album in over three years and the band’s first album in over eight years to involve bass guitarist John Moyer. Moyer took over for Steve “Fuzz” Kmak in 2004, and played on three of the band’s studio albums: Ten Thousand Fists,
Indestructible and Asylum, as well as the compilation The Lost Children.

“John’s an amazing musician and that’s why he was able to do it that quick, don’t let me kid you here,” said Disturbed frontman David Draiman. “We wanted to hit the tonality of his tracking because with his pick playing there’s a percussive nature to the attack that’s really welcome tonally speaking. And specifically having the way that he plays is tremendous and was a big addition.” Check out the tracklist below.

1. “Are You Ready” 4:21
2. “No More” 3:52
3. “A Reason to Fight” 4:44
4. “In Another Time” 4:11
5. “Stronger on Your Own” 4:01
6. “Hold on to Memories” 5:03
7. “Saviour of Nothing” 4:12
8. “Watch You Burn” 4:20
9. “The Best Ones Lie” 4:02
10. “Already Gone” 4:28

The Album Will Be a Tribute to Late Musicians Chester Bennington & Vinnie Paul

Evolution will also be a tribute to dead heavy musicians such as Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and Vinnie Paul of Pantera, both of whom Disturbed were friends with. In an interview with Billboard, Draiman also spoke on the album’s theme of social unrest and how it informed the songwriting process.

“It’s always been us versus them, and the them are the people who profit from our fear,” he explained. “Them are people who profit from tyranny, them are the people who profit from pitting us against each other. It’s us versus them. When you get in a room full of people at a performance, it doesn’t matter. You become one of us and transcend everything in that moment, and f*ck it all.”

At that point, everything else simply doesn’t matter,” Draiman added. “All that matters is that everybody’s there for the same reason, to hear the same song, and to get caught in that same moment to take them away from the bullsh*t. That’s the beauty of it.”

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