Houston Rockets’ James Harden Gets Clowned by Meek Mill

Getty Images James Harden and Meek Mill.

The Houston Rockets have a superstar in James Harden. On the court, he can flash a skillset that proves he is undeniably one of the best players in the game right now. Off the court, he stands out for his outlandish outfits that fit right in with the fashion world that only so many ordinary folks understand. To some, Harden has ‘dress game.’ To others, Harden’s fashion sense is a little too out of this world.

It depends on who you talk to I guess. But famous rapper Meek Mill has made it very clear that he is not too fond of Harden’s choice of outfits most of the time. As a close friend of the Rockets star, Meek Mill is not afraid to hold back his opinion on Harden. While Meek has nothing bad to say about Harden as a person or even a ballplayer, he sure does think that his fashion sense is a big miss.

Meek Mill Clowns Harden for His Outfits

“James Harden thinks he’s one of the flyest dudes in the NBA.” Is that a fact? Probably. Knowing that Harden and Meek are pretty close, there must’ve been some conversations where the Rockets guard indicated that he believes he is one of the best-dressed players in the game. After all, Harden and Meek had shared many conversations before.

According to a Sports Illustrated piece from last May, Harden and Meek Mill would talk on the phone for about an hour three or four times a week when Meek was serving time in prison. Although Meek believes that Harden misses on some days, he did credit him for having “good days.” Oh well, you can’t please everybody. Especially in the fashion world when you’re trying new things. We’ll see if James Harden has any rebuttal for Meek’s comments.


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