New Year’s Eve 2019 Top 10 Drinks & Cocktails

With the holidays crashing through like a tornado, New Year’s Eve is the last ditch effort for partiers to drink themselves silly before tweeting New Year’s resolutions they’ll forget about come February. Whether you’re sipping, chugging, toasting or hosting, here are the 10 top drinks and cocktails you can imbibe to help ring in 2019.

Pomegranate Thyme Bubbly Rosé

Bubbly beverages pair well with New Year’s Eve (duh) so why not level-up your midnight toast with some simple syrup, pomegranate and thyme? Rosé is a blush pink wine that’s certainly en vogue (even for dudes—brosé, anyone?). You can prepare the syrup in advance so when your party is in full swing, you can kick back and toss ’em back with your guests. And don’t skimp on the fresh thyme sprig. It makes all the difference.

Champagne O’Clock

For drinkers wanting a cocktail but want to keep it simple, the Champagne O’Clock is the real deal. Mixing just champagne, cognac and bitters, this drink will please anyone scoffing at the sight of mixing fruit and booze. Bronson van Wyck has the recipe.

New Year’s Sparkler

If tequila is your jam but you still want to incorporate prosecco, the New Year’s Sparkler can come in handy. Lemon and pineapple juices are balanced out with bitters and blueberries giving you a fruit forward—but not too fruity!—drink that you can make as strong or light as you wish.

Moscow Mule Punch

Moscow Mule—good. Moscow Mule Punch–VERY good! Since this minty glass of happiness is always a welcomed treat, the punch variation prevents you from playing bartender all night while keeping your guests nice and drunk through the ball drop. Sure, the mint may technically be optional, but in reality, no one wants a mint-less mule. Pro Tip: Try experimenting with fresh basil instead of mint. Everyone loves options.

Champagne Margaritas

Champagne Margaritas should be illegal. Luckily for humankind, they aren’t. This is another easy concoction you can whip up if you don’t want to be a slave to the bar or blender all night. Bonus points for fresh lime juice—it really raises the drink to excellence.

French 75

This cocktail is fun, flirty, and classy af. It deserves to be served in a parlor with fancy hats and gloves and chic glassware. Why not whip out this gin/champagne combo for New Year’s Eve? The fresh lemon gives it that extra zing that perfectly marks any special occasion.

Sparkling Sangria

There are plenty of ways to skin a cat. (Or crack an egg? One of those.) Similarly, there are countless ways to mix up a delicious sangria. Since it’s New Year’s Eve and ’tis the season, start with this Sparkling Sangria from Self Proclaimed Foodie. Make sure to work ahead of time and leave 1-4 hours for the fruit to soak with the liquor in the fridge. This is crucially important, people! You can also experiment with cloves, star anise and/or cinnamon. Sky’s the limit and it’s incredibly hard to mess this one up.

Holiday Iced Coffee

Who doesn’t need a caffeine boost when you’re trying to party til the sun comes up? (Or at least until the ball drops.) Coffee ice cubes and vanilla vodka pack a punch in this creamy iced coffee from Pretty Plain Janes is a twofer that’ll hype you up and give you a buzz at the same time.

For the Designated Drivers — Faux Champagne

There’s no shame in staying sober and offering your friends a safe ride home. For those abstaining, this non-alcoholic juice-based drink blends OJ and white grape juice with ginger ale and frozen grapes. It’s refreshingly delicious and still lets you join in on the toasting fun.

Champagne Jello Shots

OK, I get it. There’s a lot of champagne on this list. But you know what really makes a party? These Jello shots by Sugar & Cloth. Since New Year’s is the theme, these tasty buggers infuse champagne with gin and juice (lemon juice, that is) to create divine little squares that are juuust a little bit classier than your average Jello shot fare. Don’t sleep on this one.

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