What Happened to Jack on ‘When Calls the Heart’? Did He Die?

Jack on When Calls the Heart.

Crown Media Jack on When Calls the Heart.

If you’re watching the Christmas 2018 special of When Calls the Heart, then you might be wondering just what happened to Daniel Lissing and his character Jack. If you need a refresher on what happened to Jack, or are curious about what Lissing is up to now, read on. Of course, this will have spoilers for how Season 5 ended.

Jack Died a Hero

The Season 5 finale was shocking for fans, and some are still trying to get over what happened to Jack. The penultimate episode of Season 5 ended on a cliffhanger, with fans wondering if Jack had died. The finale let fans know right away the sad truth: yes, Jack was dead. Jack and Elizabeth had gotten married, much to fans’ delight after watching their love grow for five seasons. But then Jack, the Canadian Mountie, was killed.

The finale showed Elizabeth and others attending his funeral and talking about how he had died. Jack led a group of recruits through a mountain during a training assignment, when a landslide happened. He died a hero, pushing two men out of the way and sacrificing his life in order to save theirs. Throughout the finale, fans saw flashbacks of Jack. And in a letter that Jack wrote to Elizabeth in case he died, he said:”take comfort that I will be watching over you for the rest of your days. I will always be with you in spirit.” His letter read, in full: “My dearest Elizabeth, I’m writing a letter I hope you never have to read. If you are, then you know I won’t be coming home. Take comfort that I will be watching over you for the rest of your days. I will always be with you in spirit. But I need you to promise me one thing, Elizabeth: you will open your heart to love again. Know that I want nothing more than your happiness. You are the perfect woman. You showed me what it feels like to be truly loved. For that, I am eternally grateful. Yours forever, Jack.”

During the episode, Elizabeth is comforted by other widowed women of Hope Valley who lost their husbands in a mining disaster. They use their pain to help her, which is touching to see — just as she had helped others, they are now helping her.

At the end of the episode, Elizabeth felt nauseated from the smell of coffee, and realized that she was pregnant with Jack’s baby.

Daniel Lissing Left for Personal Reasons But Hasn’t Elaborated Much Since

Although we know exactly how Jack died, what’s going on with Daniel Lissing and why he left is more unclear. According to ET. Daniel Lissing chose to move on from the show while contracts were being renegotiated, which meant that Canadian Mountie Jack Thornton had to leave too. But deciding how to do that was tough. There was no behind-the-scenes drama, the actors said, but Lissing simply was ready to leave. The producers decided they couldn’t recast the role because of the two actors’ chemistry. They thought about sending Jack off to the Northern Territories, but they didn’t want Elizabeth just pining at home through the rest of the series. They thought about having Jack’s job force him to relocate and have him break up with her. But they said that just wouldn’t be in Jack’s character. So they realized the only solution was to have Jack die.

Lissing said he had to leave the show because of “reasons that are very personal to me.” He did not want to elaborate further, but said Hallmark was nothing but supportive. His full quote reads: “Circumstances arose for me where I needed to leave When Calls the Heart for reasons that are very personal to me. I went to Hallmark, and they were nothing but supportive of me. I went to the girls, and they were nothing but supportive of me.”

He tweeted live during his character’s last episode, and it was obviously tough for him.

Lori Loughlin said in a Facebook live discussion: “We are actors, and actors have contracts and sometimes contracts expire and you have a choice to make. You either renegotiate or you don’t, and Dan has chosen to move on, we respect that. No judgment. We love him; we wish him well. He’s still part of the Hallmark family.”

And there’s obviously no hard feelings, because Lissing starred on Hallmark’s Christmas in Love on November 11. He’s also appeared as Ty in two episodes of S.W.A.T. since leaving When Calls the Heart. In an interview in April with Parade, he also shared that he was turning his short film, Answers, into a feature length film.

As far as what Lissing’s up to now — he’s pretty happy, according to ET. In November he announced that he was in a relationship and he was “in love.” They’re spending Christmas together, he added. He didn’t reveal her identity, but said she’s not an actress, but she’s from overseas and she’s adventurous like he is. He said he met her while traveling and the relationship was still in the early stages.

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