Adventure Hunt on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Adventurous Game

Shark Tank Adventure Hunt, Adventure Hunt on Shark Tank Race Game


What exactly is Adventure Hunt, a new game that will be presented to the sharks on tonight’s episode of Shark Tank?

Adventure Hunt is a scavenger hunt, where teams can solve clues and challenges to win loads of adventure gear and free vacations in Panama. Marketed is a grownup version of a childhood game.

In 2015, Sean Bingham and his brothers launched KZ Gear. As a promotion to help sell their gear, they created an adventure hunt. In an interview, according to All Shark Tank Products, Sean spoke in an interview about the adventure hunt, and said, “I flew around the country and literally buried treasure chests in 10 cities throughout the US. The response was incredible. People loved it. We loved it. And KZ sales tripled immediately.”

Adventure Hunt explained in 15 Adventure Hunt sends you off in teams of 2-4 people on an exhilarating, adrenaline-packed ride we promise you will never forget! You’ll complete both gut-bustingly funny and adventurous challenges that unlock a real life treasure map on our Adventure Hunt app. From there you’ll put your mind and will to the test as you…2017-10-22T01:12:43.000Z

Not long after, they decided to launch a company called “Adventure Hunt.”

If you go on their website, you can choose to pay to participate in a treasure hunt for $39. Upcoming cities are Albany, Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Boise, and many more. Adventure Hunt is even offered across countries. You can even create your own hunt.

In an interview with Start-Up Savant, Sean Bingham opened up about his motivations behind creating Adventure Hunt. He shared, “My motivation for starting my own businesses is the strong desire and drive that I have to be the best I can be, make a real, impactful difference in the world, control my own destiny, have flexibility and freedom with my time, be my own boss and not have a ceiling on how much money I can make.”

Asked what his mission is in the beginning of starting each business, he said, “My mission to begin with is to get the vision and the plan, but then go to work with clear goals and not let anything stop me from succeeding. The more important thing to do in starting a business is to take that leap of faith and act–so my mission in the beginning is to do just that. Once you do that, the rest tends to start to fall into place.”

Today, Adventure Hunt is a huge success and sponsored by companies like Red Frog Beach Resort in Panama.

What’s in the chest that people can win? $7,500 worth of adventure gear and luxurious trips. You participate by downloading the app, where you receive assignments that will earn you enough points to unlock a treasure map.

In a 2017 interview, Sean shared, “Half of the items are fun and funny like proposing to a stranger, or doing a belly flop or having a stranger feed you grapes. The other half are adventurous. Rock climbing, repelling, long boarding, hikes, paddle boarding and different activities like that.”

Will the sharks be fans of the interactive game? Will they support Sean Bingham on his quest to grow Adventure Hunt? Find out on an all-new episode of Shark Tank, airing tonight on ABC.

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